What are the cold storage insulation materials? How to choose?
2022-01-21       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Cold storage insulation design is mainly to prevent the outside heat into the cold storage, in addition to refrigeration system design, heat insulation design is the top priority of cold storage. The heat transfer of the cold storage enclosure structure and insulation layer accounts for 20% to 35% of the total heat load of the cold storage, so reducing the heat load of the enclosure structure can achieve the effect of energy saving. The consumption of cold storage through the envelope is proportional to the unit heat flow of the envelope. Want to reduce heat flow of enclosure structure unit, it is to choose heat conductivity small heat preservation material, 2 it is to increase the thickness of insulation layer, but thickness cannot too thick, can appear otherwise increase cost and reduce the problem such as use space. Therefore, thermal insulation materials should be selected in the appropriate thickness range.

In the selection of heat insulation materials, should consider its thermal conductivity coefficient is small, hygroscopic small performance, also should consider its cost.

Before the 80s, the heat insulation materials commonly used in cold storage are generally rice husk, cork, slag and expanded perlite, etc. After the 80's, the rapid development of new insulation materials, such as rock wool, glass wool, polystyrene foam (EPS, XES) and polyurethane foam and other more and more widely used, there are many kinds of construction methods.

Rock wool:uetersen UR series insulation rock wool board is in strict accordance with the company's technical standard production and meet the relevant domestic standards dedicated to roof insulation system of rock wool products, excellent resistance to pressure and waterproof performance.


Glass wool: glass wool board is the use of centrifugal technology, will melt glass fibrosis, by adding thermosetting resin based environmental protection formula binder curing processed from the plate products. The slender glass fiber has low thermal conductivity, which can well confine air, thus playing the role of heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction and safety protection. Glass wool board series is tight and strong material, smooth surface, strong compressive characteristics, after installation, the appearance is more crisp and beautiful.

The main performance features are: high temperature resistance, aging resistance, durability, high hydrophobicity, high resilience, good tensile resistance, A1 fire performance, environmental protection and energy saving. Used for fire prevention, heat insulation, sound absorption of high-rise buildings and refrigeration. Air conditioning room, vehicles, ships and other thermal insulation, cold protection.


Therefore, in the selection of thermal insulation materials, not only to see its material, but also a comprehensive evaluation, and finally choose the right product.

There are many manufacturers of thermal insulation materials, but the product quality is not the same, the price is also very different, so in cold storage construction should choose high-quality, reputable manufacturers, but also to ensure that the use of thermal insulation materials in the construction of spot check detection, quality qualified.