Where can you use insulation cotton in your home? uetersen
2022-01-24       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

We are talking about sound insulation cotton today, so sound insulation cotton can be seen in many places in our life, such as KTV, hotels, stadiums and so on. Decorating in the right place can also make your life better. Here we go into detail, where you can use sound insulation cotton in your home.

1. Drainage pipes

It's not new to wrap drainpipes with soundproof cotton. Slightly larger decoration company, will remind customers, remember to package sound insulation cotton outside the drain.

The drain pipe is thicker, the water flow inside is smaller, and there is no pressure. This causes water to spread out in the pipe as it flows, hitting the pipe walls and making a lot of noise.

This noise can be greatly reduced by wrapping the drain pipe with a layer of insulating cotton before wrapping the riser pipe. In particular, the plumbing that connects the balcony of the bedroom to the plumbing in the bathroom of the bedroom.


2, ceiling internal water pipe

Even if your home doesn't opt for a "pipe to the top" hydro plan, there will be some pipes in the ceiling. For instance in toilet, because wall ground did waterproof, can let conduit go on the ceiling as far as possible commonly.

The pipe in the ceiling is in direct contact with the air, and we can't see it because it's hidden by the ceiling below, but it's just hidden. Especially in the winter, the water temperature in the pipe is very low and the temperature in the room is very high. When hot water vapor meets cold pipe walls, condensation will occur.

Too much condensation will drip on the ceiling. For a long time, it will affect the life of the ceiling; More water, there may be through the ceiling, directly dripping down; When the condensed water drips on the ceiling, it also makes some noise...

Such problems can be solved with a roll of soundproof cotton. Here the sound insulation cotton, can be understood as thermal insulation cotton. It can sound insulation, more can prevent the generation of condensate.


3. Background wall

There are two types of background walls are recommended to use sound insulation cotton, when using, first spread sound insulation cotton on the wall, and then in the sound insulation cotton on the keel, with gypsum board or other materials to do modeling. Need to lay insulation cotton wall:

The TV wall of the bedroom, the wall of sound insulation requirements are very high. Spread a layer of insulation cotton, when watching TV, is not afraid to affect the bedroom rest or study of the family.

② The background wall of the head of a bed in the living room, kitchen and toilet. These places are to produce larger noise, for their own sleep, for the harmony between the neighbors, the proposal or sound insulation here.


4. Ground of activity area

It is ok to have a few activity areas in the family, for instance children play area, fitness area and so on. Anyone who has lived in a building knows that running and jumping on the floor can make a lot of noise. So in these places on the ground, also want to do some sound insulation measures. For concrete measures, there are three suggestions:

1. Try to use wood floors instead of tiles. There will be some gaps between the wood floor and the floor, which can block part of the noise, sound insulation effect is much better than tile.

2. If conditions permit, it is suggested to put the wood floor high, make it a platform. The gap under the platform is larger, and the sound insulation effect will be better. At the same time, as far away from the floor, the platform will feel more gentle and soft when stepping on and sitting.

3. Whether it is wood floor or floor, there will be a keel below, in the keel below, covered with a layer of sound insulation cotton. Sound insulation cotton can not isolate the noise of jumping, but can isolate friction, light impact noise.