What are the emergencies of rubber and plastic insulation materials? How to deal with it?
2022-01-25       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

When the exterior wall insulation system has problems, most of the reasons are because the quality of the product or some problems in the construction are not dealt with in a timely manner. It may also be caused by the temperature difference between winter and summer. No matter for which reason, once an accident occurs, it will have a great impact. The construction of thermal insulation system is a huge project for families. It is necessary to check the quality of products, so as to be responsible for their own or others' life safety.

1, rubber and plastic board insulation layer off

Due to the use of materials, construction quality problems and other reasons, the external wall insulation rubber and plastic board is prone to shift, empty drum, fall off and other phenomena, if not dealt with in time will greatly reduce the insulation effect of the wall rubber and plastic board.

This phenomenon, on the one hand, is caused by grassroots organizations. Masonry deformation of external wall of frame structure at the joint between concrete beam column and masonry is easy to cause damage of insulation layer. On the other hand, if the bracket or gap is not laid solid, so that the external decoration is not fixed, displaced, local empty drum, and then form the push-pull effect, will eventually cause the insulation layer off.

2, indoor condensation

Because there are too many concrete lines on the inner wall, and the proportion of concrete pouring has been determined when making rubber and plastic board insulation, this part of the insulation treatment has been abandoned, these exposed concrete parts without insulation treatment will make the indoor frost, dew phenomenon, easy to cause damp and moldy walls.

There is only one principle for energy-saving design of Windows, that is to set up different positions according to different forms of insulation. When using external insulation, it should be close to the outside of the wall. When wiring, the excavation and transformation of the wall can be minimized, and the transformation of the wall can also be reduced. Try to connect the external insulation layer with the window to reduce the heat insulation break point between the insulation layer and the window and avoid the occurrence of thermal bridge.


Many people tend to ignore the impact of the window heat transfer on the heat consumption index in the design, the window at the opening of the external window does not carry out thermal insulation design treatment, resulting in indoor condensation; The heat insulation break point design of the external thermal insulation rubber and plastic board is unreasonable, resulting in the formation of thermal bridge effect around the window. The indoor heat insulation dead Angle should be improved, and good ventilation should be maintained to fundamentally block the heat bridge. The design of the window does not take into account the water drip treatment at the top of the root and the water proofing treatment at the bottom of the window. Water can easily enter the inside of the window root from the connection between the heat insulation layer and the window root, bringing harm to the external rubber and plastic insulation system.

Uetersen  rubber and plastic adopts international advanced technology and process, as well as automatic production line, and with excellent performance of nitrile rubber, PVC as the main raw materials, with a variety of high quality auxiliary materials, by special process foaming soft thermal insulation energy-saving materials.

Uetersen rubber and plastic insulation material is suitable for commercial, industrial, air conditioning water pipe system, air duct system and refrigeration, refrigeration machinery and equipment in the field of thermal insulation, but also used in hot water pipes and process pipe thermal insulation.