What materials are used to keep the cold storage warm? Uetersen glass wool
2022-02-10       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Cold storage is to use artificial refrigeration way to make the fixed space to reach the specified temperature, so it is also convenient for the storage of building items. And cold storage insulation layer, is used to keep cold storage insulation, maintain cold storage temperature unchanged. We are generally more common polyurethane foam as the sandwich board of thermal insulation material, this kind of thermal insulation material is now the most common thermal insulation material in large and medium-sized cold storage. Among the thermal insulation materials used in cold storage, there are also glass wool widely used in various scenes of thermal insulation. Glass wool is currently an economical, energy-saving and environmental friendly material.

Glass wool is a kind of inorganic fiber, the raw material is quartzite, dolomite. After 1360℃ high temperature melting, ratio of borax and other catalysts, adhesives, the solid panel pressure, the formation of cotton felt, can be customized according to the product form of the required glass wool products. Glass wool can effectively provide excellent thermal insulation performance for all kinds of thermal insulation facilities. Through the standard Australia and New Zealand AS/NSZ4859.1 certification, SGS certification, MSDS certification, THE European Union CE certification, CE fire grade certification GB/T13350-2000, Glass wool products are applicable to industrial plants, warehouses, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and all kinds of indoor playground, sports venues and other buildings of thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction.


And in different thermal insulation environment, the use of thermal insulation materials is not the same.

For example, rubber and plastic are commonly used in HVAC equipment. Rubber and plastic are often used in pipelines. The closed-cell gas chamber in rubber and plastic can effectively prevent heat emission. Rubber and plastic modeling is convenient, and the site construction is convenient. Uetersen CLASS 0 high-end rubber and plastic, also has B1 grade flame retardant effect, is currently used in shipping, commercial, industrial and heating equipment. The pipe insulation in the cold storage will also use rubber and plastic as insulation materials. In the environment with strict temperature requirements, a variety of materials will be used to achieve the required temperature, which is also to better maintain the constant temperature, energy conservation and environmental protection. The rubber and plastic products of Uetersen have been supplied for high-speed rail, hVAC and other projects. Rubber plastic in the use of temperature range under the temperature span, heat preservation effect is good, the use of pollution-free, which is also the unique characteristics of Uetersen rubber plastic.