How to correctly use glue to bond rubber and plastic insulation materials? uetersen
2022-02-11       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

The correct method of bonding rubber insulation with glue.

Rubber insulation material in the installation process, cutting joints or joints should be glued with special adhesive, in order to prolong its service life.

1. When used, when the glue is naturally dry, the correct drying measurement method is finger touch. If the finger does not stick to the surface of the material, the surface of the material has no sense of adhesion, can be bonded;

2. Use a short-bristled brush.

3. Apply a thin, uniform layer of special adhesive on the joint surface of both ends of the material;

4. When the two materials joint, do not need to wait for the glue to dry, using wet bonding, first of all, the material is placed in the installation place, in the material interface coated with glue, and the two material position is adjusted appropriately, soon can be consistent with the design position;

5. Shake the container before use, so that the glue is uniform, and then in the installation process, use a small bucket of glue, so as not to volatilize too fast, if necessary, can be poured into the large pot into the small pot, when not used to seal the pot mouth;

6. When bonding, only hold both sides of the bonding surface for a moment;

7. If the two surfaces are placed for a long time so that both surfaces are not sticky, repeat steps 2-6.

8. Under normal circumstances, apply special rubber and plastic glue on the adhesive surface of 2 square meters;

9. Special glue can not be used below 5℃, if it is in 5℃ - 10℃ environment, please put the glue in 20℃, when needed to take it out;

10. The natural drying time of special glue is 3-10 minutes, the length of time is determined by the grade of glue, atmospheric temperature and humidity usually comply with is: the higher the ambient temperature, the greater the relative humidity, the lower the medium temperature, the thicker the material should be, such as the larger the diameter of the pipeline, exposed time more than 20 minutes invalid;

11. Check whether the glue and iron pipe anti-rust paint are firmly bonded.

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