Case sharing: The secret of vanke blue ribbon insulation
2022-02-14       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

This is a community project from Sichuan, the land of abundance and the hometown of giant pandas.

Blue Silk Belt Community: Located in the first phase of Jiangxi South Group (east of Huanhu Road) of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport New City, it reaches Huanhu Road in the west, Miaoergou in the north, Huansha Street in the east, and the boundary of Baishigou ecological Corridor in the south, bounded by Olympic Avenue in the south. The planned total land area is about 118.11 hectares. The traffic condition is superior, the environment is super - class. As the first large ecological community in The Airport New City, Blue Silk Belt community adheres to the concept of park city, insists on the layout according to local conditions, highlights the characteristics of the city, continues the characteristic life of Chengdu, and compound the function of neighborhood center.


The project, which was scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020, was delayed due to the impact of the pandemic. In the damp and cold without heating in the south, what should be used as building pipeline insulation? The secret of the blue ribbon is:

Centrifugal glass wool from uetersen was used as the thermal insulation material for this project. Uetersen centrifugal glass wool has the effect of heat insulation and fire prevention, according to different construction habits and construction requirements, design and production of glass wool product categories.


Centrifugal glass wool is a kind of inorganic fiber A1 grade fire retardant non-combustible material, with uniform slender glass fiber, soft surface, high tensile strength, strong operability. The glass fiber is even and slender, and the grasp strength between the fibers is excellent. There will be no deformation phenomenon of fiber with different thickness when using.


The use of centrifugal glass wool thermal insulation, can bring thermal insulation for the community pipeline system, but also moisture-proof sound-absorbing fire prevention. Pipe wrapped glass wool for pipe insulation. In emergency times, such as fire and other special scenes, in the fire, no ignition and combustion can play a role in alleviating the difficulty of rescue and maintaining the integrity of the pipeline. Community as a densely populated permanent residence, glass wool environmental protection requirements are more stringent. If unqualified glass wool is used, it will cause irreversible impact on people and the environment. Uetersen centrifugal glass wool, in the production of strict control variables, automatic production line, can produce according to the standards of glass wool products meet the requirements.


Sichuan, as a cold and wet province in winter, choose the right insulation materials, in the late maintenance can get twice the result with half the effort. Uetersen centrifugal glass wool is confident of excellent thermal insulation effect for Vanke blue ribbon.

Uetersen, is a precipitation in the insulation industry for more than ten years of the brand. Elaborately research and develop each product, do a good job of each insulation material, is the unrelenting belief of uetersen.