Uetersen case sharing: Monet's best choice of thermal insulation materials for lake room
2022-02-14       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Glass wool is the most widely used thermal insulation material in the thermal insulation industry. Because glass wool raw materials are green and environmentally friendly, it is easy to collect. Compared with other thermal insulation materials, the cost is affordable and the thermal insulation effect is excellent. In addition to the use of glass wool as a sound-absorbing material for acoustic systems inside buildings, glass wool is also used for thermal insulation in industrial equipment, heating and cooling systems, and ventilation ducts.


Here, V briefly introduces the use direction of glass wool products we often contact at present.

Glass wool felt is often used for pipe insulation and wall sound absorption and fire prevention, and glass wool is often used for sound absorption fire prevention in wall foundation. The evenly slender glass fibers interweave with each other to form a natural gap, in which the sound bounces and spreads many times to weaken the sound energy. In addition to the original non-combustible properties of glass wool, can bring excellent fire performance for the building body. Glass wool felt is mainly used for building indoor sound absorption, refrigeration equipment, household appliances shock absorption, sound absorption, noise reduction treatment, the effect is very ideal. Glass wool felt with aluminum foil veneer, but also has strong heat radiation resistance, is high temperature workshop, control room, machine room wall, compartment and ceiling top lining material.


Glass wool pipe, is mainly maintained in different seasons, temperature in the need for constant temperature pipe thermal insulation, glass wool pipe can be customized according to the size of the pipe production, complete fitting of the need for thermal insulation objects, standard specifications of glass wool pipe can also meet most of the pipeline laying insulation.


Glass wool board, is also we often use in building insulation glass wool products, according to the demand for glass wool and veneer laminating, convenient in the site construction operation. Uetersen glass wool products provide thermal insulation products for the computer room, ventilation pipe, smoke prevention and exhaust ventilation pipe of Country Garden monet Lake Phase ii.


Quality glass wool products can safely and effectively provide an intangible convenience to the entire community. Uetersen the general trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, the glass wool panels supplied by Utson in the second phase of Lake building of Country Garden Monet provide energy-saving and environmental protection effect of fire prevention and insulation for computer rooms, smoke prevention and exhaust air ducts. Glass wool board size according to the site air duct set sanctions cut, reduce site operation to provide convenience for construction. Glass wool has good environmental performance, reduces the generation of toxic and harmful substances, can more closely fit the pipeline, better thermal insulation effect, no condensation, condensation phenomenon.


The internal environment of the equipment room needs thermal insulation made of glass wool to keep the temperature constant. Especially in summer, the outdoor temperature is high and the relative humidity of the air is high. Due to the large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the equipment room, improper thermal insulation treatment of the equipment room will cause condensation on the two adjacent interfaces of the equipment room area. More importantly, the condensation on the structural surface of the lower ceiling will damage the adjacent facilities and affect the work. Therefore, the room ceiling, wall insulation measures to be more appropriate. Choosing the right insulation material is the beginning of excellent insulation effect. In the second phase of Monet's lake Commercial house, Utsen also gave a satisfactory answer to Party A.


The production process of glass wool products is basically the same in the early stage. When forming products, they are produced according to the required product state of engineering demand. This also better fit the various thermal insulation scene modeling. If this kind of material with excellent insulation effect has any disadvantages, it is because of its lightweight quality and large volume. Although compressed vacuum packaging is used in production, it is still a hard wound compared with the transportation cost. Therefore, in addition to whether the product is high quality, we also need to consider the size of the production base and the principle of choosing nearby. Uetersen has multiple production sites across the country, which can save more time, manpower and long-distance transportation costs for the project.

Next up, what kind of performance can uetersen  bring to the table? Let's wait and see!