Does the glass wool board insulation material have water absorption? Mr Peterson
2022-02-16       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Glass wool is a kind of inorganic fiber. Raw materials are quartz stone, dolomite, borax and other inorganic materials, in accordance with the specific process formula mix, after 1360℃ high temperature hot melt, with advanced centrifugal fiber technology made of glass wool products, its main characteristics are high temperature resistance, aging resistance, good resilience.


Among them, some people will pay attention to: whether glass wool has water absorption? Glass wool products is a kind of thermal insulation material widely used in all fields of construction, it can be made into glass wool felt, glass wool board, glass cotton sliver, glass wool tube. Glass cotton itself has no water absorption of hydrophobic material, new material after processing with high hydrophobic, unless it is glass wool when use the cover material breakage, insulation glass wool felt, for example, in the cover cover damage when using, water vapor into the glass wool felt inside, will influence the durability of glass wool and the heat preservation effect. Water vapor sticks to a wall in the same way that water vapor condenses to form droplets. Therefore, choose high-quality glass wool products, hydrophobic treatment is the premise.

Glass wool products themselves are not used as external wall protection or other functions, and should be implemented strictly in accordance with the construction standards. Therefore, in addition to the standard construction and isolation of water vapor treatment, you can also choose the brand of glass wool products such as uetersen new materials, will be hydrophobic treatment of glass wool, greatly reducing the possibility of glass wool thermal insulation performance and reduced service life due to water vapor infiltration of glass wool.


Glass wool board although has a high hydrophobicity, but is not suitable for external wall insulation alone, compared with rock wool external wall insulation system, the use of the two products have some differences. Glass wool is mainly used in various building cooling and heating system, ventilation pipe, inner wall partition sound absorption, industrial pipe insulation and other fields.