Are the sound-absorbing board and the soundproof board the same? uetersen
2022-02-21       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

In the noisy city, it seems difficult for people to calm down. All kinds of noisy and noisy sounds outside make the originally good mood more agitated, and life seems to have no sense of happiness at all. In this noisy environment, many people want to have a quiet space to stay, even if they do nothing, they can feel peaceful.

Be aimed at this phenomenon, had sound-absorbing board and sound insulation board appear, provided the method that solves a problem for everybody, nevertheless, where is the distinction that still a lot of people do not know sound-absorbing board and sound insulation board? Today xiaobian will introduce the difference between the two.


What is a sound-absorbing board?

From literal meaning will understand, sound-absorbing board is the material that a kind of sound-absorbing reduces a noise, let originally the noise inside the space get sound-absorbing effect through this kind of material.

Uetersen sound-absorbing board, it is a kind of excellent acoustic and thermal insulation fireproof performance of centrifugal glass wool products, it produced by centrifugation, add molten glass fibrosis and environmentally friendly formula and added to the binder, has a good sound-absorbing sound insulation, heat preservation, adiabatic, slender fiber contains no slag ball, can be used in office, commercial, residential, hotel, conference and other buildings, Create private, quiet and comfortable activity space for users.


What is sound insulation board?

Sound-absorbing board is mainly used in indoor, such as the theater, studio, conference room and other large public places, these places to acoustic environment requirement is very high, and the sound insulation board is mainly used in outdoor environment, such as the noise barriers on both sides of the road facilities construction, and only the average volume to more than 30 db, the plate is considered a sound insulation board, It is a kind of high density material, according to its use field, the general sound insulation board also has the characteristics of fire prevention and high temperature resistance.

After seeing the introduction of above, believe everybody also had certain understanding to the distinction of sound-absorbing board and soundproof board, only such, everybody ability can use them correctly, create a hallow life environment for oneself.

Uetersen group has the courage to break through and innovate, using its own advanced technology in material production and construction science, to produce glass wool, rock wool, rubber and other insulation acoustic fire materials, for domestic and foreign construction, industry, energy, transportation and other applications to provide safe and efficient thermal insulation, environmental noise reduction solutions.