Case Sharing: Uetersen puts on the insulation
2022-02-22       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Glass wool, raw materials for quartz, after 1360 ℃ high temperature melting by centrifuge dumped into a uniform thin glass fiber, cotton material, chemical composition of glass, is a kind of inorganic fiber, has good shape, small volume density, thermal conductivity , thermal insulation, sound-absorbing performance is good, corrosion resistance, the advantages of stable chemical performance.


Similar to glass wool, rock wool originated in Hawaii, where volcanic island eruptions melted basalt to form soft rock fibers. Rock wool was first discovered in its original form. The current production of rock wool mimics the process of basalt melting to form fibers, and is a lightweight, discontinuous fibrous material. Rock wool soft, good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, not brittle and not powdery, good elasticity, has the advantages of heat preservation, heat insulation and fire prevention.


These two materials have a similar aspect from the production mode and formation process. So what's the difference in use?

Glass wool is more used in indoor buildings, ventilation pipes, smoke prevention and exhaust pipes, industry, air conditioning heating and cooling system, inner wall partition sound absorption and so on. Rock wool is more prominent in external walls, industrial plants, metallurgical ships, internal partitions, ceilings and other fields. Two kinds of materials are used in the field of overlap, in the sound insulation, glass wool in a certain frequency of sound absorption effect is better than rock wool. Rock wool is stronger than glass wool in sound insulation.

Both materials have excellent thermal insulation function in buildings. They are flexible in the way of use and convenient in construction. The thermal insulation effect is excellent, and it is also a hot insulation material among major developers. The two products of uetersen also have close cooperation with major real estate projects.


The western part of the city has long been known as the "West expensive", and the sentence "Jinniu District is the soul of the West of the city" has pushed the jinniu District to the center of Chengdu's development. Chengdu Excellence · Yunji Project is located on the central axis of Guobin Avenue, Jinniu District, Chengdu, occupying the golden position of guobin plate in the west of the city. The original site of Jinniu Villa has rich cultural and historical deposits, which is in line with The Jinniu Hotel, bearing the "Taurus memory" of a generation of Chengdu people. "The clouds", the clouds meet, elegant, born at this point. At the end of the year of the Ox, uetersen glass wool and high quality rock wool provide the insulation "coat" for the smoke control and exhaust pipe of this compound building -- the whole structure can reach the fire resistance limit of 1.5 hours!


Excellence Yunji is a complex building designed to emphasize urban functions, promoting the place and theme of social life, continuing the style of western Sichuan garden, and creating a leisurely and comfortable life atmosphere.

1.5 hours of fire resistance limit is the time when we play a very key role in the critical moment of fire. In the face of disaster, 1.5 hours of fire resistance limit can maintain the integrity of the ventilation pipe, buy time for rescue. The glass wool or rock wool fire protection wrapped pipe is also a very key and important part of the whole structure.