Why should the roof be insulated? uetersen
2022-02-23       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Whether in urban buildings or rural buildings, if the thermal insulation and heat insulation effect of the house is ignored, it will lead to poor cooling effect in summer, more energy consumption in winter heating, and even cause excessive waste, pollution to the environment.

Roof insulation materialsare mainly: glass wool insulation board, rock wool insulation board, phenolic resin insulation board and other materials, the performance advantages of each material is not the same.


For example, uetersen glass wool insulation performance advantages: glass fiber long and thin, low thermal conductivity; Excellent sound absorption and noise reduction, can effectively prevent sound transmission; Grade A non-combustible material, high fire resistance; Strong hydrophobicity, excellent mildew resistance; Stable chemical properties, aging resistance, corrosion resistance; Light material, simple construction; Low cost price, cost-effective. The main application areas are: roof insulation, cooling, sound-absorbing materials; Building insulation, cold; Entertainment venues, theaters, television stations, radio stations, laboratories, sound-absorbing processing; Air conditioning piping refrigeration and insulation of refrigerated warehouses.


Roof uetersen rock wool board (UR series) is designed and developed for all kinds of flexible waterproof roof system, which integrates the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention and sound insulation and noise reduction. With high compressive strength and point load, not only can meet the roof system construction and maintenance of personnel and related equipment weight needs, but also can maintain stable heat preservation, sound insulation noise reduction fire protection effect.

So if you want your house to achieve the thermal insulation effect, it is necessary to install thermal insulation materials, the whole construction process is not very complicated, the price is not very high, do the thermal insulation engineering of the house is still very important.