What materials are used for heat preservation of smoke exhaust duct? uetersen
2022-02-24       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Smoke control and exhaust duct is the duct of mechanical pressurized air supply and smoke control system located in the fire danger zone, and the duct of mechanical and smoke exhaust system across the fire zone.


Nowadays, there are many kinds of thermal insulation materials in life, and the materials used in different scenes are also different. Generally, the insulation materials used more in the smoke prevention and exhaust duct are: rock wool insulation material, glass wool insulation material, rubber and plastic insulation material, polyurethane insulation material, etc., the performance advantages of each material are not the same.

Such as rock wool, rock wool products adopt high-quality basalt, dolomite, etc as main raw materials, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile and so on various industrial boilers and piping heat preservation, also used in construction industry of partition wall, ceiling and wall insulation and and various types of cold and hot pipes and hidden, exposed pipe insulation.


Waterproof rock wool pipe has the special function of moistureproof, temperature discharge and water hatred. It is especially suitable for use in rainy and humid environments. The moisture absorption rate is below 5% and the water hatred rate is above 99%.

The glass fiber of glass wool is long and thin with low thermal conductivity. Excellent sound absorption and noise reduction, can effectively prevent sound transmission; Grade A non-combustible material, high fire resistance; Strong hydrophobicity, excellent mildew resistance; Stable chemical properties, aging resistance, corrosion resistance; Light material, simple construction; Low cost price, cost-effective.


Rubber and plastic insulation materialsare suitable for commercial, industrial, air conditioning water pipe system, air duct system and refrigeration, refrigeration machinery and equipment in the field of thermal insulation, but also used in hot water pipes and process pipe thermal insulation.


With years of experience in thermal insulation industry, uetersen has summarized the experience of people before and after, and constantly improved, updated and iterated uetersen products, so that the green thermal insulation materials can bring high quality fire protection, heat preservation and moisture-proof effect for customers in the most excellent state.