What are the internal wall insulation materials? Uetersen insulation material
2022-03-02       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

What are the insulation materials for the interior walls? Thermal insulation materials in the use of internal wall thermal insulation materials, people do not know how to choose. So what are the internal wall insulation materials?

Interior wall insulation materials on the market: such as polystyrene foam board, polyurethane foam, glass fiber insulation cotton and so on.

Polystyrene foam board is mainly used for building wall, roof insulation, etc. Good impact resistance. But the construction needs to hang the net, the construction process is tedious; Polyurethane foam has good thermal insulation and waterproof performance, but it is restricted by the season. Use more is glass fiber thermal insulation materials, that is, we often say glass wool.

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Glass wool is a kind of inorganic insulation material, the raw material is quartz stone, glass slag and so on. At present, the percentage of energy saving and environmental protection requirements for building facades is gradually increasing. Therefore, the thermal insulation materials used in addition to heat preservation, but also to meet the requirements of fire prevention, sound absorption and energy saving. The raw material of glass wool is quartz stone or recycled glass slag, which belongs to A1 class incombustible material. In production, the adhesive of health and environmental protection is used to avoid formaldehyde, or the generation of toxic substances. Precision and pure process, centrifuge control production of thin and uniform glass fiber, interlacing with each other to form a tiny gap, the use of glass wool as insulation material in the inner wall, but also through this small gap sound absorption noise reduction, and according to the demand for lamination decoration.

Glass wool products are diverse, most of which are produced according to the way of use and use scenarios of the product. For example, the glass wool used in the wall and the glass wool used in the smoke prevention and exhaust pipe, the glass wool of the wall can be made into glass wool board or glass cotton sliver, glass wool filled with cotton felt. And the glass wool used in the smoke prevention and exhaust ventilation pipe needs to be high-temperature special glass wool to meet the national fire standards for smoke prevention and exhaust ventilation pipe, such as uetersen the special glass wool for smoke prevention and exhaust brand, the standard fireproof glass wool used in the smoke prevention and exhaust ventilation pipe meets the 1.5H fire resistance limit standard.