How about the closed cell of rubber and plastic insulation cotton? uetersen
2022-03-04       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Many people more or less know or have contact with rubber and plastic thermal insulation cotton, thermal insulation cotton can be used in all fields, the effect is also very obvious. Rubber and plastic insulation cotton is made of elastic closed cell material. It has the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, waterproof and soft, and the quality is quite good. Xiaobian will introduce what is rubber and plastic insulation cotton.

Uetersen  rubber and plastic adopts international advanced technology and process, as well as automatic production line, and with excellent performance of nitrile rubber, PVC as the main raw materials, with a variety of high quality auxiliary materials, by special process foaming soft thermal insulation energy-saving materials.


Rubber is rubber and plastic industry collectively, they are the subsidiary of oil products, they are the same in origin, however, in the process, made the product property is different, the purpose is different, is of widely used for tires, rubber plastic as the technology and the demand of the market is more and more widely, and USES in daily life has cannot leave.

Although polystyrene as rubber insulation material has good heat preservation effect in use, but because of the characteristic of the plate made of polystyrene in construction when connected to main body is a fixed supplemented, face a fixed point, plank to make necessary between splicing, bond, not adapt to the complicated shape building insulation, construction technology is complex, comprehensive cost is high. At the same time, due to the hydrophobicity of polystyrene board and conventional hydrophilic materials do not adapt, resulting in the subsequent construction quality beyond the surface layer is not easy to guarantee, prone to surface layer mortar cracking, falling off, hollow and other quality problems, the use or construction of building exterior decoration such as surface brick, paint constitute a great restriction. The amorphous slurry rubber and plastic insulation material can overcome these shortcomings of the plate class, so it constitutes an important part of the building thermal insulation material. Europe and the United States and other developed countries in slurry rubber insulation materials research and application started earlier, more mature technology, research and application has been fruitful.


I believe that after xiaobian to introduce rubber and plastic insulation materials, this product has a profound understanding. Rubber and plastic thermal insulation cotton sealing performance is very good, and its service life is relatively long, quality assurance, is a good sales of thermal insulation cotton on the market. I believe that in the future, rubber and plastic insulation cotton will be more and more widespread.