Talk about anti - seismic and fire - resistant performance of rubber - plastic insulation board
2022-03-07       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Rubber insulation board is very safe to use, neither stimulate the skin, nor harm to health. Their ability to prevent mold growth, avoid pests or mouse bites, acid and alkali resistance, and superior performance make rubber and plastics ideal insulation materials for pipe protection, preventing them from being corroded by atmospheric media or industrial environments.

Rubber and plastic insulation board has low thermal conductivity, completely closed structure and good thermal insulation effect. The material is completely isolated from water vapor, does not absorb water, does not condense, and has a long service life. After SGS test, its measurement value is far lower than the European Union's non-toxic substance standard value, safe and healthy to use.


Soft and beautiful appearance, easy to bend, convenient construction, do not need other accessories. Its good temperature and weather resistance make it very suitable for solar water heater, automobile air conditioning pipe, steam pipe insulation, can also be widely used in damping and noise reduction and other occasions.

Rubber and plastic insulation materials have high elasticity, can greatly reduce the vibration and resonance of cold water and hot water pipes in the process of use. Flexible rubber and plastic insulation board has good winding and toughness, easy to deal with irregular bending pipe, can save manpower and materials, easy installation, beautiful appearance, because of the soft product, easy installation.


Pipe mounting: It can be installed with casing or cut lengthwise and then glued with aluminum foil tape. For valves, tees, elbows and other complex parts, the joint plate can be cut according to different shapes to ensure the tightness of the whole system, so as to ensure the temperature of the whole system. Due to the smooth appearance of the material, excellent performance, no additional steam insulation layer, protective layer, reduce the construction trouble, but also to ensure the appearance of beautiful, smooth. When equipment or pipes are overhauled, the stripped material can be reused and the properties remain the same.