Do different pipes use the same insulation? uetersen
2022-03-08       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

Pipeline is a mode of transportation. Transportation can be liquid or gas, and the content of transportation also determines the temperature and materials used. Among them, we commonly used pipeline thermal insulation materials are: rock wool, glass wool, rubber and plastic.

We use different materials naturally in different pipes and in different internal and external environments.

For example, in ventilation pipes, not only pipe insulation, but also noise reduction is needed. When the ventilation duct system is in use, there may be noise. We can use uetersen formaldehyde-free centrifugal glass wool. Glass wool itself is composed of small uniform fibers, which form a tiny gap, conducive to thermal insulation, but also sound absorption noise reduction. In the event of a fire, glass wool also protects the structure from fire and maintains the integrity of the ventilation system. It has a standard 1.5h fire resistance limit. In use respect, vitreous wool goods can undertake cutting according to pipe dimension, dust of high grade vitreous wool is less, cause skin prickly not easily.


Rubber and plastic, in the air conditioning cooling and heating system excellent performance.  Due to the production process, the outer wall of rubber and plastic is smooth and soft, extrusion resistant, and advanced foaming technology is adopted. Inside the rubber and plastic, there are dense closed cell gas chambers, which are not connected to each other.  This also makes rubber and plastic insulation more lasting.  In use, easy to operate, cutting.  The overall body of rubber and plastic is light, and the insulation effect will not be reduced because of water.  Uetersen CLASS0 rubber and plastic, the product has more uniform and fine bubble hole, airtight bubble rate is higher, heat preservation performance is significantly improved, the product also uses environmental protection formula, fire performance is greatly improved.  The smoke reducing agent used does not contain toxic substances, the product uses a new technology, the surface tear strength is good, to ensure the integrity of rubber and plastic in use.


Rock wool in pipeline insulation, with more is the ship, industry, metallurgy, construction and other fields, the use of rock wool wrapped pipe, general pipe use rock wool, (glass wool) insulation is composed of insulation layer and protective layer, cooling pipe insulation layer, moisture-proof layer and protective layer.

For example, steam pipes can be insulated with rock wool shells. Tie with wire or steel straps.

The outer protective layer is usually 0.5mm thick aluminum alloy plate, galvanized plate or stainless steel plate. It can also be tied with iron wire or stainless steel bands. Requirements are not the same, the choice of outer protective layer is not the same. Pipeline insulation materials in the selection of time, you can choose materials and construction methods according to the thermal insulation effect of their own needs. Each material has different effects for adding veneers and compounding.