Why is it recommended to use smoke proof and exhaust glass wool? uetersne
2022-03-17       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

The advantages of glass wool

Because glass wool materials in the application, especially in the application of construction engineering, most of the use of adhesive medium in the rough surface of glass wool bond a layer of protective material or fabric, in order to play a waterproof protection, improve mechanical properties, strengthen the effect of sound insulation and surface decoration effect. However, the use of adhesive medium and this layer of protective material will have an important adverse effect on the fire resistance of glass wool products. In the fire, the surface layer of glass wool products is directly affected by the fire surface, so the performance of the surface and the performance of adhesive also determines the fire resistance of the products. To be sure, most of the use of protective layer will cause glass wool products fire performance decline.


The necessity of the use of smoke prevention and exhaust glass wool

The traditional natural smoke extraction facilities cannot reach the purpose of smoke extraction. Natural smoke extraction is an economical, simple, easy to operate and convenient to maintain and manage. However, due to the failure of some projects in the design and construction process according to the requirements of the code, natural smoke extraction facilities often do not have the function of smoke extraction after the completion of the project. The safety performance of modern smoke prevention and exhaust system not only stays in the smoke exhaust, but also has certain requirements on the fire resistance and heat insulation of the air duct. The environmental protection glass wool of uetersen brand meets the requirements of fire resistance and heat insulation of smoke prevention and exhaust.