Uetersen - If you can keep it warm, you can win the fight against the epidemic
2022-03-18       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the term "makeshift hospital" has frequently appeared in the public eye. So what is a makeshift hospital?

It has been nearly three years since the outbreak began, and makeshift hospitals have been rapidly set up across the country. Makeshift hospital is a kind of mobile hospital which is convenient to build. It is characterized by fast assembly, full function and strong mobility. It is a kind of mobile medical system in the field, composed of a number of mobile shelters, with emergency treatment, surgical treatment, clinical testing and other functions.


In the event of natural disasters or public health emergencies, the medical pod can be rushed to the scene as soon as possible and opened in situ into a second-level first-class hospital. Under field conditions, it is mainly composed of medical shelter, technical support shelter, ward unit, life support unit and transport capacity. Relying on complete sets of equipment, it performs tasks such as treating the wounded, playing a huge role in earthquake relief and other public health emergency support in China.

Makeshift hospitals are equipped with mobile water sanitation facilities, storage of drugs and sterile articles, disinfection and sterilization of instruments, and continuous power supply, and can also carry out operations, examinations, color ultrasound, X-ray and other examinations.


The first medical pods appeared in the 1950s. The US army gradually expanded the military equipment transport pod into the medical pod form, and in the 1960s, it was first put into the Vietnam battlefield, which was the beginning of the field hospital pod. In the 1970s, Britain, Germany, France and other countries developed various forms of makeshift hospitals, such as trailer or semi-trailer type combination units; Since the 1990s, makeshift hospitals of different sizes and forms have begun to appear in the routine equipment of the armed forces of various countries.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in late 2019, China has been unable to eliminate the epidemic intermittently. In order to prevent and control the epidemic, hospitals and facilities have been set up to deal with the epidemic. Chengdu Makeshift Hospital is located in Chengdu Public Health Clinical Center (Aerospace School), and has started to install heating and ventilation equipment insulation materials. The makeshift hospital adopts utson's high quality thermal insulation material glass wool to keep heat insulation for hVAC ducts, ensure the internal environment and temperature of the hospital, and also bring comfortable body feeling for medical workers and patients. Try to reduce stuffy discomfort caused by wearing protective clothing, improve the air circulation in the hospital, and ensure that cold and heat energy loss is avoided in the transportation of cold and warm air.


Uetersen thermal insulation material in line with the national energy conservation and environmental protection, sustainable development requirements. High quality mineral raw materials, quartz stone, dolomite are used in raw materials. The adhesive is a formaldehyde-free, healthy and green formula. Temporary cabin hospitals, such large medical places with dense resident staff, need to be put into use immediately after completion, and they need to adopt green and healthy thermal insulation products. Avoid a large number of harmful gases, formaldehyde, phenol, dust, etc. generated by inferior thermal insulation materials, breathing into the human organs, and in severe cases, breathing difficulties, nausea and headache. It is even worse for epidemic prevention and treatment. The use of uetersen green environmental protection without added thermal insulation material glass wool, not only thermal insulation effect is good, but also in the operation of the equipment to reduce the diffusion of noise, small pores inside the glass wool can absorb most of the wind pipe noise, for the patient to create a quiet and comfortable treatment environment.


Three years after the epidemic, our time has also passed. We have seen wave after wave of Baymax rushing to the front without hesitation, and one makeshift hospital after another has been built. Sun Yat-sen once said, "I wish you would take on yourself the responsibility of rejuvenating China. The long river of history is about to pass through the dawn and sail towards a brighter future, and we in the new era are bound to assume the responsibilities of the era, with fire in our hearts and light in our eyes! An early victory against the epidemic.