What is smoke prevention and exhaust special glass wool? uetersen
2022-03-18       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

What is the smoke prevention and exhaust special glass wool -

The raw material of special glass wool for smoke prevention and exhaust is quartz stone or dolomite, which is a common mineral raw material in nature and is a natural inorganic material. It is not only stable performance, but also high temperature resistance, glass wool in many thermal insulation materials comparison, affordable, good thermal insulation effect. The glass wool used for special air duct heat preservation and fire prevention - smoke prevention and exhaust special glass wool is developed for smoke prevention and exhaust equipment.


Smoke control and exhaust glass wool should meet the requirements of national GB51251 standard for fire prevention and heat insulation. They are not only thermally insulated, but also needed to prevent fires. To ensure the integrity of the smoke exhaust duct in the emergency fire, when necessary, the smoke in the fire can be divided into the discharge area, reduce the people in the fire due to the inhalation of too much toxic gas asphyxiation. In the fire performance, such as utsen's smoke prevention and exhaust special high temperature glass wool. Raw material is more than 90% natural inorganic minerals, with excellent fire insulation performance. According to the National fire prevention building materials quality inspection center in China according to GB8624-2012 judgment, all glass wool products of Youtsen belong to A1 incombustible materials. The fire resistance limit of smoke prevention and exhaust glass wool combined with smoke prevention and exhaust equipment can reach 1.5h, and can even be higher than the national fire protection standard under the same volume weight.


Uetersen smoke prevention and exhaust glass wool raw materials and exclusive formula and production process, has excellent durability, no corrosion to the pipeline, will not produce metal corrosion on the ventilation pipe. Also has a high hydrophobicity, because of the nature of hydrophobicity is also effective mildew antibacterial, inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Glass fiber does not contain asbestos and other harmful substances to respiratory tract, in line with EUGEB requirements, non-toxic, healthy and environmental protection.

After years of follow-up investigation, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has officially confirmed that glass wool products do not belong to the impossible carcinogen, will not cause pathological changes, the landfill waste does not pollute water and soil. This is also in line with the current global pursuit of environmental sustainability.


Smoke prevention and exhaust pipe is a very important existence in the building. The special glass wool for smoke prevention and exhaust in the air pipe not only bears the burden of fire safety, but also carries out sound absorption on the air pipe in operation and reduces the noise generated by the air pipe in operation. In the direction of building energy saving, it can perfectly meet the requirements of the state to establish the percentage of surface energy saving. In many aspects of the use of feedback, the effect of glass wool is also among the best. It in addition to the direction of smoke prevention and exhaust should be in aquaculture, planting insulation, industrial heating and ventilation insulation and other aspects silently play its role.