What kind of products can glass fiber be made into
2022-03-25       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

Glass fiber is widely used in industrial raw materials, whether it is the "Glass fiber Industry Specification Conditions" released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in July 2020 or the adjustment of the price of glass fiber by some large domestic enterprises, its industrial status and importance is extraordinary.  The quotation of glass fiber mainstream varieties has been on the rise since September, and increased by about 7% in early December. The industry inventory has rapidly dropped to a historical low, and glass fiber has ushered in a new round of recovery cycle.  


At present, China has grown into the first country in glass fiber production, and the country is also to encourage the development of high-tech industry, is the world's sunrise industry.  


In recent years, China's glass fiber enterprises have gradually strengthened, and in 2019, China's glass fiber production rose to 65.88%.  The reason why China's glass fiber industry enterprises can vigorously develop is inseparable from the support of the four advantages of capital, technology, resources and customers. But at the same time, we need to understand the relationship between glass fiber price increase and downstream demand -- demand exceeds supply.  


According to the global glass fiber and products leading enterprises, glass fiber industry demand growth rate is about 1.6 times the growth rate of global industrial output value.  Caixin Securities observed that the revenue of the world's leading glass fiber enterprises is strongly correlated with the world GDP growth rate, and its PPI index and CRB metal index have trend consistency.  Real estate, automotive, wind power, 5G applications and other fields continue to pull up the boom will ensure industry demand.  


Glass wool  


Glass wool volume density is small, easy to form and good shape retention, with good heat preservation, permeability, heat storage, heat insulation, in addition to good sound insulation function, good durability.  In terms of chemical properties, glass wool has good mildew and moth-proof performance, corrosion resistance and stable chemical properties.  In terms of mechanical properties, glass wool structure is firm, tensile and seismic performance is good.  Based on this, glass cotton is widely used as heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other materials.  


Fiberglass paper  


Fiberglass paper has been widely used in construction, navigation, aerospace and other fields due to its good flame retardant, sound insulation, thermal insulation and strong filtration ability.  Among them, when the mass ratio of glass fiber in glass fiber paper is coarse fiber: fine fiber =1:1, its heat preservation and sound insulation performance is the best.  


Glass fibre cloth  


The glass fiber cloth has good uv protection performance, good insulation performance, high strength, high temperature resistance, clean and bright surface, not easy to stick on dirt, and good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, stable chemical performance.  


The combination of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin adhesive can be used as a repair material for bonding repair PVC-U pipes.  "Glass fiber /PVDF" lithium ion battery composite membrane integrates the high strength and corrosion resistance of glass fiber cloth and the characteristics of small pores of PVDF membrane, which effectively improves the conduction of lithium ion and increases the specific discharge capacity, and meets the needs of rapid charge and discharge of power battery.  In addition, glass fiber cloth because of its quality is very small, good chemical corrosion resistance, good friction resistance, high strength die and other characteristics, can be used to reinforce concrete, improve the cohesion of concrete materials, make the building more durable.  


Glass fibre felt  


Glass fiber mat has good dimensional stability, resistance to tear performance is good, the sound absorption performance, good flame retardant, good resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, high temperature resistant performance is good, stable chemical performance features, can be used as reinforcing materials used for building roof, sound insulation, fire prevention of the ceiling, the core material plastic flooring, extend the service life of pavement paving mat,  Insulation, sound insulation car roof lining, etc.  


This material has excellent extensibility, flexibility, wear resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, etc., can cope with the changeable climate.  And this material can be well bonded with the ground, can be retained on the road for a long time, long service life, can effectively improve the efficiency of road construction.