Glass wool class A1 fire (performance) how many hours?
2022-05-06       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

Since 2008, the industrial, manufacturing and construction sectors have grown rapidly. The country, known as the "infrastructure fiend", has been roaring ahead in all directions.  Whether it is railway or construction, the landscape of the city is changing with each passing day, high-rise buildings are mushrooming out, and the speed of infrastructure is accompanied by the improvement of many systems and standards.  For example, because of the frequent occurrence of large-scale fires in recent years, the system and standards of fire prevention have also been improved.  


In China, exterior wall insulation materials are judged according to the NATIONAL standard GB8624-2012 "Building Materials Combustion Classification".  It is mainly divided into four grades: CLASS A, B1, B2 and B3: Class A: noncombustible building materials: materials that hardly burn.  B1: refractory heat preservation material, is determined according to the fire resistance limit of the material B2: combustible heat preservation material, commonly seen as EPS expanded polystyrene foam insulation board and XPS extruded board, that is, we often say the general board.  The material has a low ignition point and releases a lot of harmful gases during combustion.  Class B3: flammable insulation material, this kind of insulation material is mainly polystyrene foam material, because this material is very easy to burn, has been eliminated external wall insulation material.  


And now the heat preservation and energy saving new materials used more widely is glass wool and rock wool.  Both are equipped with A1 class incombustible performance, not only in sound insulation and sound absorption is the senior, in the direction of fire insulation is also the leader.  In GB51251, in addition to rock wool, utsen glass wool also meets the fire resistance limit and heat insulation requirements of smoke control and exhaust system.  The raw material of A1 grade glass wool is quartz stone melted into liquid in a high temperature furnace at 1350℃, and then spun into uniform slender glass fiber by centrifuge.  With scientific formula management and control, utson glass wool has excellent overall performance, greatly reducing the loss in production, packaging, transportation, installation and use of each link.  


Glass wool belongs to A1 class incombustible material, carbonized in case of open fire, incombustible from fire, no fire up and down, with excellent insulation and sound absorption, high hydrophobicity.  Therefore, it is widely used in construction, industry, metallurgy and other fields.