What is the price of 50mm insulation glass wool for smoke prevention and exhaust system?
2022-05-13       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  What is smoke - proof glass wool?  Smoke prevention and exhaust glass wool is in line with the national standards for smoke prevention and exhaust pipe fire insulation material.  Raw materials from nature dolomite, quartz sand.  In 1360℃ high temperature melting, after the centrifuge cast out like cotton candy silk as fine glass fiber, at this time the diameter of the glass fiber in 4-5 microns, just from the centrifuge looks like soft cotton candy and no difference.  "Cotton candy" through a series of processes, the formation of glass wool insulation material.  Glass wool products are: glass wool board, glass wool felt, glass cotton sliver, glass wool tube and so on.  In the smoke control and exhaust duct, we commonly use glass wool board.  The main role is to protect the smoke exhaust duct, adiabatic fire prevention, in the fire can protect the integrity of the duct.  


  Smoke prevention and exhaust glass wool belongs to A1 class fire retardant non-combustible material, which can not burn in case of emergency and will not ignite.  When working together with smoke control and exhaust system to resist fire, the fire resistance time should meet the requirements of national smoke control and exhaust fire protection standards.  In addition, glass wool also has high hate water, good resilience.  High hydrophobic performance of glass wool in the warm and humid south can also be "competent" thermal insulation fire insulation "responsibility" and strong resilience, can ensure that in the process of transportation will not be thin because of a long time of compression, pore compression changes, glass wool becomes thick and thin, affect the insulation effect.  

 smoke prevention and exhaust special glass wool

  So, what is the price of glass wool?  Generally according to the use of the scene and glass wool bulk density.  For example, Uetersen's 48K volume weight smoke prevention and exhaust special glass wool, the general price range in 30-60 yuan per square.  According to different regions, the freight generated in the middle is not the same.  Therefore, when choosing insulation materials, in addition to considering the performance and cost performance of materials, but also consider the distance between the project and the factory.  Too long transportation distance increases the time and transportation cost.  Utson is an old brand with production bases all over the country, which can provide a variety of thermal insulation materials, fire resistant high temperature materials system solutions for each project.