Rock wool insulation decorative board: why to become a new favorite building insulation?
2022-05-16       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

At present, the materials of China's building insulation market can be described as "a hundred flowers bloom together and compete for beauty". Rock wool curtain wall insulation has occupied a place for a long time, and gradually emerged as a disadvantage, while the insulation decoration board is "ready to go".  


What is the difference between traditional dry-hanging marble curtain wall and thermal insulation decorative integrated board?  


The traditional dry hanging marble is this method is a common construction in the wall decoration.  Stone directly hanging on the wall or empty hanging on the steel frame, do not need to paste grouting.  The main principle is to set the main stress point on the main structure, and fix the stone on the building through the metal pendant to form the stone decorative curtain -+ wall.  Heat preservation and decoration integrated board is a new building material composed of heat preservation materials and decorative materials, which integrates heat preservation, decoration, energy saving and fire prevention.  The biggest advantage is that the traditional must be in the field of discrete technology production process in the factory all standardized, standardized completion.  With stable product quality, not affected by the site construction environment and other advantages.  


On June 21, 2021, the "High-rise Civil Buildings Fire Safety Management Regulations" was issued, which stipulated in Article 19: it is forbidden to use flammable and combustible materials as external thermal insulation materials for high-rise civil buildings;  For high-rise civil buildings that use refractory external wall insulation materials or use the building external wall insulation system with a cavity between the basic wall and the decorative layer, it is forbidden to use fire and electricity on the external wall.  The regulations will take effect on August 1, 2021.  

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The traditional marble surface in fire prevention to achieve the requirements of the national "high-rise civil building fire safety management regulations", but also need to carry out fire insulation on the original basis of the process measures, while increasing the loss of construction and building materials.  


In the current era of energy conservation and environmental protection, some cities are gradually standardizing the energy conservation requirements for building facades. For example, Beijing requires building energy conservation to reach 80% of the building surface.  Under the performance of construction and energy saving, the appearance of thermal insulation integrated board also promotes the standardization of building energy saving facades.  


On the same effect, the practical life of stone curtain wall is about 15-20 years, while the practical life of thermal insulation decorative integrated board can reach more than 25 years.  With the structure of decorative integrated board, it can be constructed quickly in a short time, without the need to go through the dry and wet base surface period.  Stone has limited choice of base surface, while decorative integrated board has more diversified choice of base surface than stone curtain wall.  For example, new and old renovation walls, indoor integrated partition walls, public buildings, can also be used for thermal insulation of residential external walls.  At the same time in China, because of the decoration of a body of thermal insulation rock wool material, with high hydrophobicity, can also adapt to the temperature difference between the north and the south.  Similarly, the decorative surface of stone in the price and construction type is also higher than the thermal insulation decorative integrated board.  The loss of manpower and material resources of long-distance transportation is more than that of decorative body board.  The above also makes the choice of decorative board so as to be more popular.  


For example, the thermal insulation decorative integrated board exterior wall insulation system produced by Utsen is composed of basic wall, bonding layer, rock wool temperature core material, colorful decorative finished plate, anchor parts, sealing materials and so on. This exterior wall decorative integrated board is more tightly combined.  The use of fire prevention A1 class incombustible standard Utsen advanced rock wool, its high hydrophobicity is greater than 98%, but also more durable decorative integrated board.  


The traditional rock wool insulation wall is gradually withdrawn from the stage, and the Youtsen insulation decoration integrated board is now ready for development.  It will contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection of building facades in China.