OPPO Intelligent manufacturing center -- "Industry core" meets "Energy Saving star" Uetersen Smoke prevention and fire protection package
2022-05-18       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

OPPO Intelligent Manufacturing Center project is a two-way choice between local high-end industries in Dongguan and Binhai Wan New Area. With a total investment of 5 billion yuan, the project is mainly engaged in r&d, design, production and manufacturing of mobile terminal equipment and peripheral products, and the construction of intelligent manufacturing production center, intelligent manufacturing R&D center, new mobile intelligent terminal R&D center, product technology r&d center, etc. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected to add 24 billion yuan of output value and 1.2 billion yuan of tax revenue. Since the project is put into operation, the annual R&D investment shall account for no less than 3% of the sales revenue, and the number of invention patent applications shall be no less than 100.

Intelligent manufacturing center in the late fire protection supporting fire prevention and exhaust duct fire package, the priority is to choose Uetersen smoke prevention and exhaust glass wool. This is also the intelligent manufacturing Center of Uetersen brand and technical services recognition. Utson smoke control glass wool it has A1 class fire retardant properties. In such a large building as intelligent manufacturing center, a variety of functional pipes are crisscrossed on the ceiling surface, among which the smoke prevention and exhaust pipes need to be wrapped with fire insulation. As the auxiliary system of life escape in the building, the selection of smoke prevention and exhaust package is more rigorous.

Uetersen smoke prevention and exhaust special glass wool, raw materials from natural ore - dolomite, quartz sand. Through the integrated assembly line processing, from the high temperature melting of 1360 degrees, to the glass wool stock liquid through the centrifuge cast out uniform slender glass fiber. The greater the proportion of silicon in the ore element of raw materials, the higher the melting temperature of raw materials. And centrifuge just right centrifugal strength, the production of uniform glass fiber, melting point and product fiber thickness is uniform is also the key to heat preservation. Uniform glass fiber will bring excellent fire insulation effect to the smoke prevention and exhaust pipe of intelligent manufacturing center. The diameter of glass wool fiber needs to be kept in 3-6 microns, and interwoven through the bonding effect of adhesive, resulting in interworking pores, ensuring the effect of fire prevention and heat preservation of smoke prevention and exhaust pipe.

Glass wool for fire smoke extraction

In many fire cases, according to the results of the analysis of the fire burned for killing probability is far lower than killed by inhaling smoke, and smoke the pipe of role mainly in the fire, smoke an alarm, thus opened the smoke control console, pressure will be poisonous smoke gas control in the range of the escape with discharge pipe outside.

The fire protection package of smoke and exhaust air duct is mainly to protect the integrity of the pipeline of smoke and exhaust system. Within the specified fire resistance limit, keep the air duct from being ignited, ignited, or collapsing during fire. Uetersen smoke control and exhaust special glass wool, in line with the national standard of fire resistance of smoke control and exhaust ventilation pipe, is the choice of many large buildings smoke control and exhaust duct.

OPPO smart manufacturing center project ground district, greatly promote the marina bay district industry cluster development of a new generation of electronic information technology, economy, science and technology research and development center, gathered together to the new area, strengthen the new high-end "core" of industry, strengthen the new build industrial habitable wisdom bay new town, dongguan future development foundation for the development of a new engine, To assist the Municipal Committee and government to build the goal and vision of "Bay Area city, Quality Dongguan". Uetersen more than ten years of brand confidence, in various fields to turn the tide, committed to the research and development of thermal insulation fire protection, constantly innovation, has been recognized by many customers.