Exhaust pipe noise how to deal with
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Smoke exhaust duct is a kind of indoor smoke exhaust pipe. The whole smoke control and exhaust system has fixed smoke control and exhaust port and smoke sensor in each floor. Enough to activate emergency measures when a fire breaks out. The smoke triggers the smoke sensor, which opens the ventilation equipment on the roof. The wind pressure controls the smoke planning in the fire area within the smoke exhaust range, and sends the toxic smoke from the fire through the smoke exhaust port.

How to deal with the noise generated by the exhaust duct when conveying the work?

Generally, we will wrap a layer of glass wool fireproof core material in the outer layer of the smoke prevention and exhaust air duct. Glass wool is a class A1 non-combustible material, mainly used for fire protection of smoke exhaust pipe. When the smoke exhaust pipe encounters a fire, the glass wool fire protection package is mainly prevented in the fire, which can maintain the integrity of the smoke exhaust pipe. The fire resistance limit of the air duct is evaluated by the state of the air duct. Once the air duct is affected by the fire, it is disintegrated, collapsed, or ignited. The duct loses its job. The glass wool fire protection package can not only provide fire protection, but also can absorb sound for the air duct. The glass wool has staggered pores that draw the generated sound energy into the glass wool, where the sound propagates multiple times, thus reducing the decibel level of the noise.

Smoke proof and exhaust glass wool

Smoke proof and exhaust glass wool

Generally used in air duct materials, have a variety of functions, such as glass wool mentioned above, can fire and sound absorption, but also has the function of heat preservation and insulation. Utson glass wool in the direction of use, glass wool will be divided into multiple product direction, glass wool felt, glass wool board, glass wool tube and glass sliver. Respectively in the sound absorption noise reduction, heat insulation, fire resistance and other aspects of the excellent effect.

Whether in smoke prevention and exhaust duct or ordinary HVAC duct, the use of glass wool can effectively conduct sound absorption and noise reduction processing for the noise generated by the operation of the air duct itself. If you want to carry out sound insulation, in some high temperature air ducts, rock wool is commonly used as air duct sound insulation and heat preservation treatment. In a particular sound frequency, glass wool is more effective in absorbing noise and can reduce sound transmission, while the sound insulation effect requires the choice of rock wool. On acoustics commonly, sound insulation absorbs sound is the material that needs different undertakes special processing, ability effectively isolate noise perfectly.