Why does building rock wool board have obvious thermal insulation advantages?
2022-06-20       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  As people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of living environment, they hope to live in a high-quality environment.  Rock wool board has become a lot of people like the use of decorative materials, is also a good thermal insulation material products.  So in the full of beautiful things in the insulation board market, why is the insulation advantage of rock wool board obvious?  This is inseparable from the performance characteristics of rock wool board.

  Rock wool originated in Hawaii

  Rockwool originated in Hawaii after a volcanic eruption on the island, where residents discovered wisps of soft melted rock. These are known as rockwool fibers.  The production of rock wool actually mimics the natural process of Hawaii's volcanic eruption.

  Production technology of rock wool

  Rock wool products are the use of high quality natural rock (such as basalt dolomite) as the main raw material, the cupola 1450℃ above the high temperature will melt the raw material, by the four-roller centrifuge machine in the spray into a small amount of adhesive curing heating, cutting to form blanket pipe and plate and other different specifications.


  The characteristics of rock wool board

  Stable performance is not easy to deformation: generally speaking, the normal installation of rock wool board can be achieved, the use of decades of shape and strength will not have too much damage.

  Excellent thermal insulation effect: rock wool fiber slender and flexible, low content of slag ball.  Low thermal conductivity.  Can effectively carry out the heat insulation of the house, with excellent heat insulation effect, in line with the concept of sustainable development.

  Excellent sound insulation material: rock wool board internal a large number of fiber structure, the formation of porous connection structure, is able to effectively control the noise of the ideal sound insulation material.

  Hydrophobic: rock wool products hydrophobic rate is high, can use rock wool board to solve the problem of water retention or water saving.  Uetersen rock wool pipe has waterproof moistureproof and hydrophobic function, suitable for use in rainy and humid environment, hygroscopic rate of five percent below, hydrophobic rate of 99.99%.

  Environmental protection without corrosion: rock wool does not contain asbestos and other substances harmful to the environment, stable chemical properties, stainless steel and other metals are not corrosive, do not produce mildew and bacteria, but also effective protection of the environment.

  Construction of rock wool board

  Rock wool board has high strength, good elasticity and convenient installation.  The construction period is also relatively short, especially suitable for the difficulty of building a little high structure.  The thermal insulation material is placed on the outside of the outer wall of the building by pasting method, which does not occupy the indoor space, and the thermal insulation effect is obvious, which is convenient for the design of the building shape.  This is one of the important reasons why the construction industry chooses rock wool board for insulation.