Is rubber and plastic board poisonous taste?
2022-06-21       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  Rubber and plastic is the rubber and plastic industry collectively, rubber and plastic insulation materials in the home were first applied in the late 1970s.  In the process of making rubber and plastic products, with the demand and use of technology and market more and more widely, rubber and plastic insulation materials are used in daily life and building energy saving, so rubber and plastic board toxic taste?

  Rubber and plastic insulation material is a kind of high quality rubber and plastic composite material, by foaming in the internal formation of dense, small, closed pores.  These holes can effectively prevent the temperature from penetrating the frost.  The use of rubber and plastic in hVAC piping system has excellent thermal insulation effect, far superior to the traditional thermal insulation materials.  It can also be used in low temperature environment, and is also a common pipe insulation material in high-speed railway, automobile and other fields.

  Rubber and plastic raw materials for nitrile rubber, PVC, fire will not ignite and produce black billowing smoke.  In order to meet the requirements of flame retardant materials, flame retardants are added into traditional rubber and plastic materials.  And now, under the current national conditions of energy conservation and environmental protection, some manufacturers have developed green environmental protection rubber and plastic insulation materials, which are applied to pipeline insulation, industry, air conditioning, HVAC, refrigeration equipment, etc., and the insulation effect is better than glass wool.  Uetersen's CLASS 0 high-end rubber is better than ordinary rubber.  And by adding green and safe smoke reducing agent, also reduce the smoke release.


  Rubber board is non-toxic and tasteless

  Toxic gases such as "formaldehyde" and "benzene" are serious indoor air pollutants with strong volatility.  As temperature and humidity change, high-alkali concrete expansion agent and urea-containing emulsion antifreeze of indoor walls will be reduced to ammonia gas and enter the indoor air.  Rubber and plastic board using natural raw materials and non-toxic additives, produced by the insulation material non-toxic flame retardant, fire does not burn, do not melt.

  Rubber and plastic board is odorless, very safe to use, neither stimulate the skin, nor harm to the human body.  The smell of rubber and plastic board is volatile because the process glue is added. Rubber and plastic glue is not the same as ordinary solid glue and liquid glue.  It is used to paste rubber and plastic products, with a certain viscosity.  If the smell of rubber glue volatilizes too much, usually pay attention to more ventilation.

  In the field of thermal insulation, the brand precipitation and technological innovation of Uetersen for more than ten years have reversed the trend of thermal insulation industry, promoted the energy-saving development of China's green life, low carbon environmental protection thermal insulation industry, and also laid a solid foundation for the future technological innovation and thermal insulation research and development.