What is rubber and plastic insulation casing material?
2022-06-21       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  With the rapid development of industry, a lot of thermal insulation materials have been more and more widely used, such as rubber and plastic thermal insulation pipe is a kind of material with many properties, it has good moisture resistance, can delay aging speed, long service life, without worrying about surface cracking.  Next we know what the rubber insulation casing is.

  Rubber-plastic thermal insulation sleeve is a class B1 refractory material used for thermal insulation of equipment or pipes.  Rubber insulation material with closed cell structure, water vapor permeability is very small, can maintain a low thermal conductivity for a long time.  Very safe to use.  It does not irritate the skin or harm human health.  It also prevents mold from growing, pests or mouse bites.  These properties make rubber insulation material to protect the pipeline, prevent the pipeline from atmospheric medium or industrial environment corrosion of the ideal insulation material.


  Rubber and plastic insulation sleeves have many advantages

  One is green environmental protection, because this insulation material laid in the sun will not produce harmful substances, in line with national standards, so it will not produce any toxic gas pollution of the environment;  Two, fire resistance is relatively high and strong, because most of this material is made of national refractory materials, so this insulation material has a good effect on fire prevention;  Three, when building heat preservation, heat preservation materials use little and thin.  The thickness of rubber and plastic is much smaller than that of other insulation materials.  This not only saves space, but also reduces costs.  Uetersen rubber and plastic adopts international advanced technology and process, as well as automatic production line, and with excellent performance of nitrile rubber, PVC as the main raw materials, with a variety of high quality auxiliary materials, soft thermal insulation and energy saving materials foaming by special process, by many builders love.

  Nitrile rubber plastic insulation tubing is also easy to install

  Rubber and plastic insulation materials are flexible and easy to install. They can be installed together with pipe fittings, or they can be cut longitudinally, wrapped with pipe fittings, and then glued together.  For valves, tees, elbows and other complex parts, plate cutting and gluing can be carried out according to different shapes.  Ensure the sealing of the whole system, thus ensuring the insulation of the whole system.  The surface of rubber insulation material has the rubber finish and smoothness, as well as its own excellent performance.  No need to add heat preservation layer and protective layer, reduce the trouble of construction, to ensure a beautiful, smooth appearance.