External wall rock wool board bulk density which several specifications
2022-06-22       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  External thermal insulation technology was originally applied to buildings to protect structural walls. In the market of many thermal insulation materials, the exterior wall rock wool board stands out. Nowadays, the trend of thermal insulation and energy saving is irreversible. What factors should we consider when choosing thermal insulation materials? What are the bulk density specifications of the rock wool board for the exterior wall?

  First of all, rock wool is a thermal insulation material produced from basalt as the main raw material. The main production process is to melt basalt into a liquid state at high temperature, make light fibers with a certain length and density through a centrifugal process, and then fix and shape to obtain rock wool products of different bulk weights and specifications.


  Rock wool board includes fireproof rock wool board, rock wool composite board and external wall rock wool board

  The fireproof rock wool board mainly uses the hydrophobic rock wool board produced by the pendulum method as the thermal insulation layer material; the rock wool composite board is made of natural rocks, such as gabbro, dolomite, aluminum vanadium, etc. A kind of inorganic fiber made by high temperature melting after proper amount of binder and hydrophobic agent; rock wool board for exterior wall is specially designed and produced for the thin plastering system of building exterior wall thermal insulation. Among them, the outer wall rock wool tape can also be used as a fire isolation belt, which can be used in conjunction with the thermal insulation materials whose combustion performance cannot reach Class A to improve the fire protection function of the outer wall. Rock wool board is widely used in electric power, petroleum, metallurgy, and shipbuilding industries, and it is very convenient for pipeline construction with small diameter. Uetersen waterproof rock wool pipe also has special functions of moisture-proof, temperature-removing and water-repellent, especially suitable for use in rainy and humid environment, the moisture absorption rate is below 5%, and the water-repellent rate is 99%.

  The bulk density of rock wool board for exterior walls is generally 80-120kg/m3, and the bulk density of fireproof rock wool board is generally not less than 120KG/m?. Of course, different buildings require different thicknesses. Rock wool board has high hydrophobicity and can adapt to the temperature difference between north and south. At the same time, different stone decorative surfaces are different in price and construction cost. In addition, factors such as long-distance transportation, human and material loss, etc., also affect the comprehensive price of rock wool boards. When choosing rock wool board, you should screen according to your own needs and application scenarios, comprehensively compare different bulk density specifications, and place an order after evaluation.