Uetersen and Benchmark Fangzhong Design Institute carried out the rubber and plastic product technology exchange meeting
2022-06-25       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  On June 17, 2022, the technical exchange meeting between the western Chengdu subsidiary of Uetersen New Materials Group and the HVAC Institute of Benchmark Fangzhong Design Institute started in Chengdu. In this exchange meeting, the talks mainly focused on the rubber and plastic products of Uetersen and the HVAC technology of the Design Institute, which enhanced the in-depth understanding of technology and materials between the two parties. Uetersen thermal insulation products are highly consistent with the development of the HVAC Institute of Benchmark Fangzhong Design Institute, laying a solid foundation for in-depth exchanges in the later period.


  The HVAC Institute of Benchmark Fangzhong Design Institute is a professional department responsible for HVAC technology and design. As one of the three majors (water, electricity, heating) of electromechanical equipment, HVAC plays an important role in civil and industrial buildings. indispensable role. Generally speaking, HVAC majors are subdivided into several directions: heating, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, dust removal and boilers. Benchmark Fangzhong Design Institute is the industry benchmark in the direction of construction, and has senior experience and technical accumulation in the design of HVAC equipment and air ducts.Uetersen thermal insulation material - rubber and plastic, has been welcomed by many projects and projects since its research and development. There are many excellent cases in the direction of HVAC.

  In this exchange meeting, Xue Jing, technical director of the western Chengdu subsidiary, said, "The main raw materials of Uetersen Rubber & Plastics are imported PVC and nitrile rubber. The two raw materials have high-quality and stable structural molecules, which are Green and environmentally friendly high-quality raw materials." In the process of introducing the product production, Rong Zezhong, head of market products of the Western Company, introduced: "In the process of foaming, rubber and plastic will form foam pores that are sealed with foam, and the secret of rubber and plastic heat preservation is It comes from the small holes in these confined spaces." "In order to improve the flame retardant index of rubber and plastic insulation materials, the technology of increasing oxygen content is also used, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than the use of flame retardant halogen elements." Rong Zezhong, product manager Say.


  As a new type of thermal insulation material, rubber and plastics are very popular in HVAC, air duct, cold storage, high-speed rail, automobile and other industries. Not only is it excellent in thermal insulation, but also has a strong adaptability to the environment. Rubber and plastic can adapt to the difference in weather between north and south, and will not be affected by humidity and temperature.

  From the rubber and plastic production process to the construction of rubber and plastic application scenarios, this HVAC conversation meeting has been affirmed and recognized by the benchmark party, and expressed support for the independent brand we built. During this meeting, the two parties also had an in-depth discussion on rubber and plastic construction technology and fire protection standards. Among them, the advantages of the dense air bubbles and high-quality veneer aluminum foil of Uetersen's class 0 high-quality rubber and plastic also brought a deep impression to the benchmark China. Class 0 rubber and plastic have lasting and stable thermal conductivity, moisture resistance factor and higher fire resistance, and are widely used in high-standard central air conditioners, split air conditioners, buildings, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electrical appliances, etc.


  Uetersen is a thermal insulation brand that has been in the thermal insulation industry for more than ten years. He has unique insights into the market trend and thermal insulation form of the industry. In the thermal insulation industry for more than ten years, it has been committed to product research and iteration, and introduced more high-quality thermal insulation materials to the market. Among them, the best-selling class 0 rubber and plastic has been well received by the industry, and is highly recommended by the domestic HVAC and thermal insulation project market. In addition, Uetersen products are also exported to overseas markets, and its technical solutions have served many countries and regions in Europe and the United States, and have been affirmed and supported by many project customers.