Is it good to use rock wool board for external wall insulation?
2022-06-27       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  In order to improve the living comfort of buildings, most of the construction projects will do a good job of thermal insulation and energy conservation of buildings. Good thermal insulation materials play an important role in building energy conservation and thermal insulation. Rock wool board is a commonly used thermal insulation material, and rock wool board for exterior wall is a material specially designed and produced for the external thermal insulation thin plastering system of the building's exterior wall. So, is it good to use rock wool board for external wall insulation?

  The thermal insulation effect of rock wool board for exterior wall is good. Because the rock wool board is an inorganic fiber, with low organic content, almost no carbon element, good thermal stability, and good thermal insulation performance, it is suitable for external wall insulation of buildings. Because the rock wool fiber has dust falling, it is easy to irritate the skin, so it is not suitable for interior wall insulation. If you want to use it, you need to wrap it with other composite materials.


  Rock wool board is made of selected basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials, melted at high temperature, and then added with special binder. It is an inorganic fiber product made of high-speed centrifugal equipment. It is a high-quality and efficient thermal insulation material. Uetersen rock wool has excellent thermal insulation performance, excellent fire safety performance, sound absorption performance, high thermal resistance, high hydrophobicity, chemical stability performance, corrosion resistance and A1 grade non-combustible performance, etc. There is also high mechanical strength and excellent durability. In industry, it can be used for thermal insulation systems such as chemical plants, large kilns, pipes, etc., and in buildings, it can be used as wall thermal insulation system, roof thermal insulation system, etc.

  The rock wool board for the exterior wall can also be used as a fire isolation belt, and it can be used in conjunction with the thermal insulation material whose combustion performance cannot reach Class A to improve the fire resistance of the exterior wall. Rock wool board for exterior wall has the advantages of high compressive and tensile strength, low water and moisture absorption rate, good dimensional stability, no thermal expansion and contraction, aging resistance, etc., and is compatible with external wall systems. Provides buildings with properties such as effective thermal insulation, energy saving, fire protection and extreme weather protection.