Grade 0 rubber and plastic sheet and b1 grade rubber and plastic sheet
2022-06-30       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  The main raw materials of rubber-plastic board are nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride, etc. It is a special material widely used in various types of pipeline insulation. Mainly used for water pipes and air ducts of central air-conditioning systems, thermal insulation projects of refrigeration equipment, hot water pipes and process pipes in buildings, ships, vehicles, and also widely used in sports equipment jackets, gaskets and life-saving diving suits. After a special foaming process, a dense foamed air chamber is formed inside, which can effectively block energy dissipation, soft texture, thermal conductivity ≤0.033w/m.k, moisture resistance factor ≥7500, flame-retardant material, use temperature -40~105 °C, the fire rating is 0, B1 and B2.


  According to the requirements of "Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings" and "Code for Fire Protection Design of High-rise Civil Buildings", the thermal insulation materials used for pipelines and equipment must be non-combustible or unpredictable. According to GB8624-2006 "Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products", the combustion performance of products used in the field of building products in the world is not lower than the C-level standard. Rubber and plastics contain a lot of fire-retardant and smoke-reducing raw materials. The concentration of smoke generated during combustion is extremely low, and it will not melt in case of fire, and will not drop fireballs, ensuring safety and reliability. In addition to the fire rating, the thermal insulation performance and moisture resistance performance of grade 0 rubber and plastic are excellent. However, the price of grade 0 rubber-plastic board is higher than other grades, so it is mainly used in laboratories, food factories, or public places with high fire protection requirements.

  Grade 0 rubber-plastic board has low thermal conductivity, gray appearance, completely closed-cell structure, and good thermal insulation effect. The material is completely isolated from water vapor, has a long service life, does not absorb water, and does not condense. After SGS testing, the measured value is far lower than the EU standard value for no toxic substances. It is healthy and safe to use, soft and beautiful in appearance, easy to bend, and easy to construct. It is convenient and fast, and no other auxiliary materials are required. The independent airtight bubble structure of Uetersen Rubber & Plastics can form multiple barriers to water vapor molecules. Even if the surface of the material is damaged, it can prevent water vapor from penetrating into the material, thereby maintaining the long-term stability of the product's thermal insulation effect.