Is the black rubber plastic tube flame retardant?
2022-07-01       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  Rubber and plastic is a general term for rubber and plastic. Due to its chemical properties, rubber and plastic itself is a flammable material, but after a series of processes, the rubber and plastic material contains a large amount of flame-retardant and smoke-reducing raw materials, which will not melt or fall off in case of fire. The fireball is safe and reliable, and has a certain flame retardant effect.

  The black rubber-plastic pipe is made of high-performance nitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride as the main raw materials, and is made by special processes such as banburying, vulcanization and foaming. Its main features are: low density, closed-cell structure, excellent thermal conductivity, low water vapor transmission rate and water absorption rate, elasticity, and convenient construction. Suitable for a wide temperature range, from -40°C to 105°C, with good anti-aging properties and durability. The flame retardant effect reaches the national B1 level standard. Green and environmental protection, in line with national environmental protection requirements, and beautiful.


  Based on the above characteristics, rubber and plastics are widely used in the thermal insulation of various water and steam pipes in central air-conditioning cold rooms, buildings, ships, vehicles and other industries, and have achieved good results. According to the "Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings" and "Code for Fire Protection Design of High-rise Civil Buildings", the insulation materials used for pipes and equipment must be non-combustible or flame-retardant. According to GB8624-2006 "Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products", the indicators of Uetersen Rubber & Plastics are far superior to those of similar products used in the construction field. combustion performance.

  The composition of the black rubber and plastic pipe is far below the international standard for the content of harmful substances. It can be said that it will not harm our health. In the case of vigorously promoting environmental protection and other slogans, the advantages of rubber and plastic materials are very obvious. Because the rubber and plastic completely isolate the water vapor, it will not absorb water during use, and the service life will be longer. The use of black rubber and plastic pipes, to a certain extent, shows my country's recognition and support for building environmental protection materials.