Can the roof be insulated with rock wool?
2022-07-01       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  In recent years, people's attention has been paid to the thermal insulation performance of buildings. Building thermal insulation materials are mainly used for thermal insulation of building curtain walls, external walls and roofs. They can be insulated in summer and insulated in winter. It not only improves the living environment, but also saves energy, and has an indelible effect on the social environment of sustainable human development.

  Can the roof be insulated with rock wool? Can. Roof insulation materials mainly include: glass wool insulation board, rock wool insulation board, phenolic resin insulation board and other materials, the performance advantages of each material are different. Rock wool is made of selected basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials, which are melted at high temperature and then added with special adhesives. It is an inorganic fiber product made of high-speed centrifugal equipment. It has excellent thermal insulation performance, excellent fire safety performance, sound absorption performance, high heat resistance, high hydrophobicity, chemical stability, corrosion resistance and A1 non-combustible performance.


  The importance of roof insulation: 40% of the energy consumption comes from the building, and 15-40% of the heat loss comes from the roof. Roof insulation is an effective measure to improve energy efficiency. Rock wool is used for thermal insulation, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of building heating and air conditioning, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy. Uetersen rock wool has stable chemical properties, energy saving and environmental protection, and is harmless to human body. It has extremely fine and uniform fibers and lower slag ball content, providing high-quality fireproof and thermal insulation solutions for buildings.

  Paying attention to the production of rock wool insulation materials and its application in building energy conservation, and striving to greatly reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse effect, is the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection in today's world. Because of its good thermal insulation, thermal insulation, fire protection, sound absorption characteristics, and environmental protection, economical and practical advantages, rock wool has a high market share in thermal insulation materials and is recognized as an ideal thermal insulation material.