What is the thermal insulation effect of flame retardant rubber-plastic board?
2022-07-04       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  As the demand for thermal insulation materials increases, rubber and plastic thermal insulation boards play an increasingly important role. The main reason is that the rubber-plastic insulation board has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, strong resistance to water vapor penetration, and high moisture resistance factor, and is widely used in building pipelines. So what is the thermal insulation effect of flame retardant rubber-plastic board?

  Rubber-plastic board has good thermal insulation, flame retardant and fire resistance. It uses rubber and polyvinyl chloride as raw materials and is used in chemical industry, metallurgical industry, light textile industry, construction industry, automobile industry and reducing heat loss of pipeline containers. In industrial transportation, pipeline transportation is one of the important forms. Rubber and plastic can protect the pipeline, play the role of heat preservation, reduce heat loss, and also have the effect of flame retardant.


  The rubber-plastic board also has fire resistance and is a B1 grade refractory material with a temperature range of -50°C to 110°C. There are many types of rubber and plastics, and their advantages are also very different. You can buy according to your needs. The thermal conductivity of rubber and plastic is low. Uetersen Rubber and Plastic uses an environmentally friendly formula, containing flame-retardant and smoke-reducing raw materials. The concentration of smoke generated during combustion is low, and no harmful substances such as bacteria and mold are produced, which is green and safe and reduces pollution.

  The rubber-plastic board made of foam material not only maintains the excellent performance of heat preservation and energy saving, but also has the characteristics of thick skin and not easy to scratch, and is often used in electromechanical HVAC equipment. The thicker skin has a relatively strong tear strength and is not easy to be torn and scratched by external forces, which ensures the integrity of the rubber and plastic during use, which can better protect the equipment. At the same time, the rubber and plastic also have a certain resilience, reducing vibration and external force extrusion. The flame-retardant and fire-resistant effect of the rubber-plastic board conforms to the national standard GB8624 "Analysis Method of Combustion Performance of Building Materials", and is judged to be GB8624 B1 grade flame-retardant material after testing.