Is fireproof rock wool board environmentally friendly?
2022-07-05       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  In today's society, environmental awareness has reached a consensus among people, which is an important measure to take the road of sustainable development and build a green and environmentally friendly society. In the thermal insulation material industry, the production of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products is a development trend, and it is also a contribution to saving social resources. As a building insulation material, fireproof rock wool board is environmentally friendly. Rock wool plays an important role in the field of green environmental protection, mainly because of its excellent thermal insulation properties.

  The reason why rock wool board is widely used is to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving. The thermal conductivity of the material is an important parameter to measure the thermal insulation performance. The smaller the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal insulation performance. From this point of view, the thermal insulation performance of rock wool board is 40 times that of reinforced concrete, more than 20 times that of brick-soil structure, 30 times that of cement mortar, and 3 to 5 times that of wood. To use an figurative analogy, if the building is insulated with rock wool panels, it is as if the building is wrapped in cotton.


  As a green building material, rock wool board not only contributes to saving energy and protecting the environment, but also has important fire performance. Rock wool board is often used in many sandwich panel houses. Rock wool board is not only a thermal insulation material, but also non-combustible, which can meet the requirements of fire protection specifications in national standards. Thanks to green environmental protection, rock wool board has given a certain impact to the traditional thermal insulation material market and is very popular in the market. The superior performance of fireproof rock wool board in energy saving and non-combustible fire resistance also affects the price of rock wool board.

  With the continuous development and progress of modern society, the development of building exterior walls is getting better and better, and the market development potential of wall insulation materials is huge. Rock wool board not only has excellent stability, but also is more convenient to use and has a longer life. Fireproof rock wool board manufacturer Uetersen is actively exploring and continuously improving, striving to improve the technical process, and the construction technology of the external wall insulation system is also quietly changing.