What are the industrial rubber and plastic products?
2022-07-19       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  As a natural material-based material, rubber and plastic are mainly used in the construction industry to protect walls. The rubber and plastics consumption market is huge and has become an indispensable part of all walks of life. So do you know what are the industrial rubber and plastic products?

  Rubber and plastic is a thermal insulation material made of rubber and plastic through high temperature foaming. It has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, flame retardancy and flexibility. It is widely used in many pipes or containers, with surface insulation. The role of thermal insulation. In fact, this material is also divided into many types. According to the different forms of protection equipment, industrial rubber and plastic products include rubber and plastic pipes, rubber and plastic plates, etc.


  The rubber-plastic pipe has a high fire safety factor, and has the characteristics of high rigidity, large light capacity, good heat insulation and good dimensional stability. Rubber-plastic pipes can be used for thermal insulation of pipes and equipment of different sizes, and thermal insulation is the main function of rubber-plastic pipes. Due to the low thermal conductivity, it is not easy to conduct energy, it can not only heat insulation, but also lock the heat energy in the pipeline, and the heat preservation effect is good. The rubber and plastic pipes play a great role in maintaining the stability of the water temperature of the air conditioner. For some outdoor pipes, especially in winter, the outdoor temperature is relatively low. If the pipeline is not insulated, the water in the pipeline will freeze, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, these pipes need to be covered with rubber and plastic pipes to keep the temperature of the water flow in the pipes suitable and prevent the water flow from solidifying.

  Industrial rubber-plastic board is also called rubber-plastic insulation board. It has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, flexibility and other properties, and is mostly used in thermal insulation equipment or air conditioning industry in the construction industry. Industrial rubber-plastic board has superior sound insulation and shock absorption effect, porous material, light weight, is a good sound absorption and sound insulation material. Uetersen rubber and plastics can be used for sound insulation of wall panels, sound absorption of air ducts and sound absorption decoration of entertainment venues, and can be used for anti-shock and decompression effects of instruments and equipment, effectively reducing the hustle and bustle of big cities and making life more quiet.