You still don't know Uetersen rubber and plastics? Bo Shichang lithium battery has used!
2022-07-20       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  Lithium batteries are chemical batteries that rely on lithium ions to shuttle between the positive and negative electrodes to achieve the purpose of discharge. Because of their advantages such as high energy density, high operating voltage, long cycle life, and large charge-discharge rate, they are widely used in new energy vehicles. , 3C products and energy storage battery fields. The main materials of lithium batteries include positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolytes and separators. As a key auxiliary material, the conductive agent can increase the conductive contact between the active materials and improve the electron transfer rate in the lithium battery in the electrode, thereby improving the rate performance and cycle life of the lithium battery.


  With the rise of the new energy electric vehicle industry, it has driven the rapid development of power battery manufacturers. Suining Bo Shichang is the main direction of the development of new energy lithium battery research and development. The application field of lithium battery has gradually developed in many fields. In energy-rich countries such as the Middle East, energy loss is not obvious. However, as a country with a large population, in the current situation of resource reserves, the development of new energy is imminent. The development of lithium battery technology, as an industry standing on the cusp of new energy, has been skillfully applied in various aspects such as automobiles, positive and negative electrode materials, business, and life.

  In lithium battery projects, large-scale air-conditioning coolers are usually used inside the workshop. In order to prolong the service life of the equipment and achieve the operating temperature environment of the air duct, insulating materials are usually used as the equipment or the insulation layer of the cooling air duct. As a new type of thermal insulation material, rubber and plastic not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also has energy-saving and low-carbon environmental protection performance. Since it entered the market, it has been favored by the thermal insulation industry.


  Uetersen is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of high-end thermal insulation materials and composite materials. In the cooperation of the Suining Boshichang lithium battery project, the company provided b1-class thermal insulation material rubber and plastic for the air conditioner cooler of its large factory, which was used as the condensation package of the lithium battery office air conditioner of the project. The reason why Bo Shichang chose the Uetersen brand is that the raw material of Uetersen rubber and plastics is polyvinyl chloride. The material of the product is light and has a rich, uniform and dense foaming air chamber. These air chambers can bring excellent thermal insulation and cold insulation effects to equipment, pipelines, etc., avoid equipment energy leakage, and play a role in energy saving and environmental protection.


  What are the main aspects of the insulation effect of rubber and plastics?

  Observe whether the air bubbles on the rubber and plastic section are uniform: in the production process, the foaming process accounts for more than 50% of the entire production line, because the air chamber formed by the air chamber is mainly used to block heat dissipation and form heat preservation. Therefore, whether the foaming is uniform or not directly affects the effect of thermal insulation. Whether the thickness of rubber and plastic materials is uniform: In the same roll of material, it is usually necessary to check the thickness. If the thickness of the two ends is different, the thickness of the package of the thermal insulation object will also be different, thus affecting the final effect. As a popular thermal insulation material used in the thermal insulation industry, in addition to satisfying the above two performances, it is also necessary to detect the state after encountering fire. Under the action of smoke reducers, high-quality rubber and plastic will not Produces thick smoke. At the same time, there will be no dripping phenomenon when exposed to heat and fire.


  At the moment of thermal insulation and energy saving, thermal insulation materials, as environmentally friendly thermal insulation materials that promote the trend of "low carbon and energy saving", can bring effective thermal insulation and energy saving methods to various fields such as industry, construction, high-speed rail, ships, metallurgy and so on. In the use of rubber and plastic, rubber and plastic are divided into b1 and b2 grades. Among them, Uetersen's special grade rubber and plastic class0 grade rubber and plastic has excellent anti-corrosion and heat preservation performance, tear resistance and resilience performance. It can be used in low temperature or high temperature environment.