How long does the a1 grade rock wool board fireproof material last?
2022-07-21       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  With the further improvement of the building energy saving rate, the market demand for external wall insulation increases, and the types of thermal insulation materials are also increasing. The fire protection requirements for buildings are also higher. The most used fireproof material in the external wall and external insulation system is a1-level rock wool board, which is currently the most widely used and the most stable. So how long is the fire resistance time of A1 grade rock wool board fireproof material?

  Rock wool board is an inorganic material, with natural rock as the main raw material, mixed with a small amount of blast furnace slag. Mineral fibers smelted and centrifugally blown at high temperature, mixed with a certain proportion of binders and additives, are pressed and cut by a pendulum. It has good fire resistance and is widely used in the field of construction. A1 grade rock wool board is a non-combustible material, which is not easy to burn, does not release heat and toxic fumes, and can effectively cut off the spread of flames in the event of a fire. Under normal circumstances, the density of the rock wool board is different, that is, the bulk density is different, which will affect the flame retardant value of the rock wool board. In addition, the thickness of the rock wool board will also affect the fire resistance time, generally between 1.5 and 3 hours. Some have a thickness of 15mm, and the fire resistance time can reach 4 hours.


  According to the clear requirements for building thermal insulation materials in the "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design", the non-combustible properties of thermal insulation materials are very important whether it is an inner wall or an outer wall. Some regions have also introduced local policies. For example, Jiangsu Province promulgated a list of key promotion and application of new technologies in the field of building energy conservation and prohibition of the use of backward technologies during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. Rock wool has replaced other A-grade materials and has become an important thermal insulation material in the building exterior thermal insulation market. This is a major benefit for rock wool with grade A incombustibility and better refractoriness.

  There are various kinds of external wall thermal insulation systems, and a1-level fireproof material rock wool board is used as the thermal insulation layer of the system. Uetersen rock wool board has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good air permeability and high combustion performance level. It is the preferred material to meet the current energy-saving needs of housing buildings and improve the thermal insulation level of industrial and civil buildings. It is also the first choice for energy-saving renovation of existing buildings material.