Longxiang Primary School - Smoke-proof glass wool allows students to grow up healthily in an environmentally friendly environment
2022-08-03       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  Longxiang Primary School, this is a new multi-level vertical campus in order to alleviate the local schooling difficulties in Shenzhen - adopting a high-intensity development strategy of multi-level ground, under the conditions of tight land, high floor area ratio and high functional requirements, the designer Structural reorganization of building functions to form a reasonable and efficient campus. The site faces the road on three sides, Bulong Road, the main road of the city on the north side, and the retaining wall of the residential quarter on the west side, with a height of nearly 8 meters at the highest point.


  What is a multi-level vertical campus? Each building occupies a certain space, and the building floors are arranged at different heights of the space, which is suitable for multi-level vertical and high-density urban areas. Through various levels of distribution, it can meet various functions such as learning and sports. The overall layout of the school adopts the design pattern of "one axis + three districts + five courtyards". It conforms to the traffic streamline and becomes the main axis of the campus. The shared axis connects the three functional areas and the shape of the site to properly reverse the building blocks to form a courtyard for high and low grades.


  The school is a place for cultivating the future talents of the motherland. It has changed continuously in history, from the thatched cottage with its own bench to the private school, from the private school to the development of modern Western-style colleges, decentralization of rural areas, and literacy. The form and place of learning are constantly changing and improving. It only took a few decades to go from a simple mud wall to a comfortable garden-like campus with modern fire protection and HVAC systems. The new campus - Longxiang Primary School adopts green building planning, uses solar power generation system and rainwater recycling system to form a benign structure of green cycle. The comfortable and good learning environment brought by the earth-shaking changes will sprout more "little flowers and grass" in the future. The high-quality fireproof package also becomes the fire protection for the smoke-proof duct. Uetersen's special glass wool for smoke prevention and exhaust also adopts a safe and green formula to avoid the production of toxic and harmful substances. Among the carcinogenic chemical components in building decoration, phenol and formaldehyde are the number one killers. Therefore, the choice of green and healthy thermal insulation wrapping materials is Top priority.


  The fire prevention and smoke exhaust system and HVAC system bring comfort and safety to the learning environment. Children are the future of the motherland. When choosing thermal insulation products, the fire performance and thermal insulation properties of the materials need to be considered. With its excellent own advantages, the Uetersen glass wool product series has won the right to supply the smoke prevention and exhaust system fireproof package and HVAC thermal insulation package of Shenzhen Longxiang Primary School in one fell swoop.


  Uetersen glass wool product series is produced according to different application scenarios and operating temperatures. Its raw materials are processed with quartz sand and dolomite. These two raw materials are rich in silica, which is resistant to fire and high temperature, and the produced glass wool fibers have good toughness, long and uniform fibers.


  Uetersen's special glass wool for smoke prevention and exhaust has rich experience in using projects all over the country. This project service of Longxiang Primary School also highlights the professionalism of Uetersen's products. Uetersen glass wool products have been used in various places for more than ten years, providing excellent thermal insulation, fire protection and energy saving services for users, and accurately and quickly solve thermal insulation problems. And by the majority of customers alike.