What should I do if I use rock wool for exterior wall insulation when it rains?
2022-08-09       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏保温质料

  It is summer now, and it has been raining all over the country recently, with excessive rainfall in some areas and even "rainstorm weather". So, what should I do when it rains when using rock wool for exterior wall insulation during construction on our site?

  Rock wool is a kind of fiber made by simulating the volcanic eruption of Hawaii Island, using high-quality basalt, dolomite, etc. According to the requirements of external wall insulation, a yellow solid plate-like material is extruded. It has the properties of heat insulation, fire and water repellency, sound absorption and noise reduction. It is used as one of the building exterior wall insulation materials and is widely used in the market.


  When using rock wool for exterior wall insulation, in the event of rain, the rock wool board has a large amount of water absorption, and its strength will decrease after being damp and absorbing water. If it is not dry to continue construction, the service life will be reduced, the thermal insulation effect will be reduced, it will fall off easily, and the surface will be uneven. It is recommended to stop the next process of the wet rock wool board that has been installed on the wall but has not been fully constructed, and then continue the construction after the weather improves. If the rock wool board without the wall is seriously damp, it is best to return it to the factory for replacement. Due to the high sensitivity of rock wool board to water, it has a great impact on the index after being soaked in water.

  The wet rock wool can be used again after drying. Uetersen hydrophobic rock wool will be sprayed with a certain amount of adhesive, dustproof oil, and water repellent, which has a certain degree of water resistance. Even this kind of rock wool board cannot be stored in the rain all the time, otherwise it will bring great safety hazards to the subsequent construction. In order to ensure the quality of building exterior wall insulation projects, we must strictly control the source. The storage and use of materials must be scientifically rigorous. In extreme weather and other conditions, the safety and reliability of building insulation materials can be guaranteed.