The performance of class0 rubber and plastic insulation material
2022-08-10       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Rubber and plastic is a new type of thermal insulation material with excellent properties such as thermal insulation, fire and flame retardant, sound absorption and shock absorption, waterproof and moisture-proof, etc. It is often used in the construction industry. The rubber and plastic are added with flame-retardant and smoke-resistant substances, which have good fire resistance. Class 0 rubber and plastic is the world's recognized rubber and plastic insulation material with the highest grade and the best fire performance. Buildings built in many countries and thermal insulation materials used for central air conditioners are required to meet class 0 standards.

  Rubber and plastics are suitable for thermal insulation protection of various pipes and equipment in commercial, industrial, residential and public buildings to prevent condensation and reduce energy consumption, especially for central air conditioning systems, buildings, ships, vehicle refrigeration equipment, hot water pipes It is also widely used in the sheath, gasket and life-saving diving suit of sports equipment.


  Class0 rubber and plastic insulation material has excellent performance, not only has soft texture, beautiful appearance, but also does not contain dust and formaldehyde. , and can be used for impact resistance and decompression of instruments and equipment.

  Class 0 rubber and plastic are high-quality rubber and plastic thermal insulation materials, with lasting and stable thermal conductivity, moisture resistance factor and higher fire performance. Flammability test standard for components" BS 476 class0 standard. Uetersen class0 rubber and plastics are widely used in the thermal insulation of various pipes and equipment such as central air conditioners, split air conditioners, construction, medicine, chemical industry, electrical appliances, etc. It is the best choice for customers who pursue excellence.