Don't know how to choose an insulation brand? The choice of CRRC tells you!
2022-08-13       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Railways are an important symbol of a country's development. The railways of most countries in the world are still conventional railways that take into account both passenger and freight. Although high-speed railways, heavy-haul railways and conventional railways have the same basic form, in terms of technology, they include locomotives and vehicles, lines and tracks, and the marshalling and operation of trains. All are different. Therefore, the railways of various countries have adopted different technologies to build or transform their own railways according to their specific conditions. These developments in railway transportation have become prominent features of the new railway development period.


  The development of China's railways has a history of more than 100 years. The first operating railway (Shanghai Wusong Railway) opened to traffic in 1876, and the first railway run by itself (Tangxu Railway) opened to traffic in 1881. The development of China's railways is also the development of China's railway locomotive technology and products. Transportation development is the abbreviation and embodiment of a country's economic development. From the initial exploration of railway development, to borrowing from Western technology and development, to independent research and development and innovation, in the history of world railways, step by step, China has achieved its current railway achievements. China's speed has once again refreshed the development cognition of Western countries. .

  CRRC Corporation Limited, Chinese abbreviation "China CRRC", English abbreviation "CRRC". With the approval of the State Council and the approval of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China North Locomotive Co., Ltd. and China South Locomotive Co., Ltd. were merged and established in accordance with the principle of reciprocity. A+H-share listed company. Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, on June 8, 2015, CRRC was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


  CRRC is currently the world's largest rail transit equipment supplier with the most complete varieties and research and production technologies. As a self-developed brand of environmentally friendly and energy-saving thermal insulation materials, Uetersen has finally become a special supply brand for sound insulation, sound absorption and fire protection of CRRC motor vehicles in the competition of many brands.

  Generally, what materials do we use as sound-absorbing insulation materials in the carriage?

  Large-scale laying generally uses glass wool as a sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material. Glass wool is made of raw materials with high content of silica elements such as dolomite and quartz sand. The advantage of silicon element is that it can be used at high temperature and has the advantage of being non-combustible in case of fire. The glass wool fibers produced by the centrifuge can also maintain a uniform fiber state. After these fibers are used in the subsequent production, they will be interlaced and stacked together to form spaced holes, which can effectively conduct sound energy. Filter and absorb sound. The glass wool products for high-speed rail carriages provided by Utsen are as soft as cotton, and their thermal insulation effect is better.

  In addition to glass wool products, Uetersen also provides rubber and plastic products for CRRC. The raw materials of Utsen Rubber and Plastics are nitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride. High-quality raw materials will produce a lot of dense foam in the foaming stage. Close the air chamber. These air chambers can maintain the temperature balance of refrigeration equipment and HVAC pipes under the condition of large temperature difference, reducing energy loss.


  In addition to bringing high-efficiency, energy-saving heat preservation and sound absorption to the entire cabin, glass wool can effectively inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms, and has a high degree of anti-oxidation. Coupled with the exclusive formula and centrifugal production process, the product has unique durability. At the same time, there is no metal corrosion and stress corrosion effect on the metal pipes and wall compartments inside the carriage.

  The resilience performance of Uetersen Rubber & Plastics is good, which fully meets the standards for motor vehicles. In the HVAC construction of the motor car, it is convenient and fast, and the overall weight is light, and the weight load on the body is small, so that the quality change of the original design of the motor car will not be affected.


  The speed of the high-speed rail is the speed of the people. Today, when the production machinery is powerful, Uetersen has never been reconciled to others. For more than ten years, we have been committed to the research and development and production of thermal insulation materials. The products are sold at home and abroad, and have been well received by the majority of project users. Insulation materials are not only the needs of industrial building productivity, but also the progress of energy saving and environmental protection. By filling and wrapping electromechanical equipment and light rail carriages, it can save energy and save money, and at the same time reduce the maintenance and expenditure of human and financial resources on equipment.