What is the material of rubber and plastic pipe insulation material?
2022-08-16       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Rubber and plastic thermal insulation materials are widely used in daily life because of their great thermal insulation effect and good performance, but many people only know that rubber and plastic are black in appearance and soft to the touch. So, what material is the rubber-plastic pipe insulation material?

  The main materials of rubber-plastic pipe insulation materials are rubber, polyvinyl chloride (NBR/PVC), etc., together with various auxiliary materials, which are foamed by a special process. Because rubber is a flexible material, rubber and plastics have very good toughness and flexibility, and are highly elastic, heat-insulating, heat-insulating, and energy-saving materials. It can minimize the vibration and resonance of chilled water and hot water pipes during use, and is widely used on the surface of various pipes or containers to achieve thermal protection.


  Rubber-plastic pipe insulation materials have many excellent characteristics such as: low thermal conductivity, good fire resistance, good waterproof and moisture-proof effect, long service life, smooth and beautiful appearance, simple and convenient installation, etc. After being treated in the construction process, it can adapt to a variety of environments and can save a lot of raw materials. Uetersen rubber and plastic materials are made of high-quality nitrile rubber and other accessories, which are foamed at high temperature. It integrates thermal insulation layer and vapor barrier layer, and has a remarkable thermal insulation effect. Has a wide range of applications. It has a wide range of applications in construction, communication, vehicles, central air-conditioning refrigeration room and other industries.

  With the rapid development of the economy, rubber and plastic products are gradually adjusted in the direction of scale, intensification and rationalization, which puts forward higher and higher requirements for the rubber and plastics industry in terms of lightweight, high performance and multi-function. This requires rubber and plastics enterprises to understand and master the market dynamics, give full play to their advantages, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, seize business opportunities, and open up new worlds!