What is the composition of rock wool integrated insulation board?
2022-08-19       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Among the application materials for external wall insulation, rock wool can meet the requirements of building energy saving and fire protection at the same time, and is an inorganic thermal insulation material with a combustion performance grade of A. Therefore, rock wool is an ideal building material to help realize green buildings and ultra-low energy consumption buildings, so what is the composition of rock wool integrated insulation board?

  Rock wool integrated thermal insulation board is an external wall thermal insulation decoration material, which has good thermal insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption performance, and is very competitive in the external wall thermal insulation material market. Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, it has the characteristics of low density, low thermal conductivity, non-combustibility, fire resistance, wide application range, stable chemical properties and long service life. It is one of the ideal thermal insulation materials.


  Rock wool integrated thermal insulation board is composed of base wall, adhesive layer, rock wool thermal insulation core material, colored decorative finished board, anchors, sealing materials, etc. decorate. As well as external thermal insulation of various public buildings and residential buildings, and indoor integrated decorative partition walls, it can also be used in cold areas in the north and hot areas in the south.

  Rock wool integrated insulation board has strong decoration, high safety, good self-cleaning, long service life, high cost performance, good thermal insulation and easy installation. Compared with ordinary rock wool board, it has excellent thermal insulation performance and is a good fireproof material, which is beneficial to prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Uetersen rock wool integrated insulation board uses basalt as the main raw material, and is produced in a fully automated workshop. From processing technology to node cold bridge treatment to construction details, according to the requirements of building energy-saving design, it can be made into various specifications. It is applied to the interior and exterior thermal insulation decoration of buildings.