Where is the glass wool thermal insulation board used?
2022-09-06       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Glass wool is a common thermal insulation material, which belongs to the fiber structure material. It has the properties of thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, corrosion resistance, high durability, A1 class non-combustibility, etc. It is widely used in equipment and pipelines in construction, electric power, petroleum, chemical, light industry, metallurgy and other industries. So, where is the glass wool thermal insulation board used?

  Glass wool is customized by adjusting the formula of glass and natural ore and the content of binder, that is, bulk density (density). Glass wool thermal insulation and sound insulation board is a high-density glass wool board, the sound from the outside is not easy to penetrate and is isolated from the outside, which can play a good sound insulation effect. Glass wool sound insulation boards are often used in construction projects for sound insulation, and the wall is a common place where glass wool insulation sound insulation boards are used.


  Glass wool thermal insulation and sound insulation board is also suitable for making wall panels, ceilings, space sound absorbers, etc. Due to its good sound absorption performance, it is beneficial to reduce indoor reflected sound and reduce reverberation time, so the indoor sound can be heard more clearly without interference. The glass wool board is made of centrifugal technology. The fiber inside the board is slender and the thermal conductivity is low, which can well prevent the heat transfer of the air to the outside and attenuate the output of sound. So as to have a good thermal insulation and sound absorption effect.

  As a filler for wall and ceiling sound insulation materials, glass wool also has advantages that other materials do not have. Uetersen glass wool has a non-combustible fire rating of Class A, and a high-level fire rating can ensure good fire performance. At the same time, the construction is simple and can be cut at will, saving a lot of time. Auxiliary aluminum foil veneer can also be added to the glass wool board with functional requirements, which has a longer service life.