Uetersen News: Technical Exchange Meeting of the Third Design Institute of the Institute of Architecture, Tongji University
2022-09-08       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  On September 2, 2022, Uetersen East China Co., Ltd. met with the Third Design Institute of the Architecture Research Institute of Tongji University for a company brand and product exchange meeting. The predecessor of Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. (TJAD) was the Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute, which was established in 1958, and is a well-known large-scale design consulting group in China. Relying on the profound heritage of Tongji University, a century-old institution, after more than half a century of accumulation and progress, TJAD has strong engineering design strength and strong technical consulting capabilities. There are nearly 10,000 engineering cases at home and abroad.


  At the beginning of the technical exchange meeting, Zeng, the chairman of the third design institute of Tongji Architecture Research Institute, gave an opening speech and introduced the participants from both sides. Then, Zhang Jiangmin, the keynote speaker of East China Company, introduced the growth history of Uetersen brand to the participants, and introduced the production technology and installation technology of Uetersen's major thermal insulation products in detail.

  When focusing on the introduction of formaldehyde-free glass fiber air ducts, formaldehyde-free glass wool, anti-smoke products and rubber and plastic products, engineers from Design Institute No. 3 raised technical issues of high temperature resistance, structure and use process for the three products. At present, Shanghai's new regulations for smoke-proof and exhaust packaging products have required high temperature resistance of more than 800 ℃. The products on the market are compared with Uetersen's products. The assistant to the general manager of the group and the head of the East China Company, Mr. Shi, made a summary and explanation of the problem.


  Later, Zhang Jiangmin also introduced in detail the performance feedback of three products: formaldehyde-free glass fiber duct, formaldehyde-free glass wool, smoke prevention and exhaust products and rubber and plastic products in building HVAC, building sound insulation and heat preservation, fire prevention and energy saving. By combining the project feedback and introduction of Uetersen, we fully communicated and explained the smoke prevention and exhaust technology, usage scenarios, structural safety, and the advantages and disadvantages of traditional iron ducts. At the same time, the raw materials of glass fiber products are also explained in depth.

  Uetersen's formaldehyde-free glass fiber duct and formaldehyde-free glass wool have similarities in the use of raw materials, both of which use quartz sand, dolomite, etc. as the main raw materials. During the production process, formaldehyde-free adhesives are used for curing. At the exchange meeting, Uetersen conducted a comparative analysis of data specifications for everyone through the owner's requirements provided by the designer. The HVAC team of Design Institute No. 3 said in the process of understanding Uetersen's B1 and Class0 rubber and plastic products of different standards, and hoped to have an in-depth understanding of parameters such as fire performance, thermal insulation performance, and smoke density.


  The Uetersen rubber and plastic raw materials are made of nitrile rubber and polyvinyl chloride, and the generation of smoke is controlled by adding smoke reducers. As a new thermal insulation material in HVAC, its thermal insulation effect is outstanding. In terms of quality control, Uetersen produces in strict accordance with national standards. Through rigorous testing and analysis reports and contact with on-site samples, the doubts about the design of the three HVAC teams were answered.

  In this exchange meeting, the brand charm and product technology R & D and production capacity of Uetersen were fully demonstrated. As a forerunner on the road of new material insulation, every step we take is not easy. Market requirements and standard reforms are driving technological development and productivity upgrades every step of the way. In this exchange meeting, we received affirmation from the industry, and also learned new knowledge through exchanges. The technical exchanges in the industry are enough to make Uetersen's every step more stable and professional.