Is the filled fiberglass wool afraid of water?
2022-09-09       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  Glass fiber wool is a kind of thermal insulation material widely used in the construction field. Is glass fiber wool afraid of water? Everyone will have questions. Glass fiber can be made into glass wool board, glass wool felt, glass wool tube, glass wool sliver, etc. In fact, glass fiber wool itself has the characteristics of not absorbing water, and it is a water-repellent thermal insulation material.

  After treatment, glass wool has high hydrophobicity. If the glass wool is damaged during use, the moisture from the outside will penetrate into the glass fiber, thus affecting the thermal insulation performance and durability of the glass wool. Therefore, the choice of glass wool requires hydrophobic treatment. This is the same reason that water vapor condenses on walls to form water droplets. At the same time, in order to prevent the glass wool from being easily damp and absorbing water outdoors, it will be wrapped with PVC or plastic film on the outside. With the film, the defects of the material are avoided, and it is simple and cheap.


  Glass fiber wool has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, long fiber and high tensile properties. Although glass wool has high hydrophobicity, it is not suitable for external wall protection or outdoor insulation alone. It needs to be implemented according to strict construction standards during construction. Compared with the traditional rock wool exterior wall insulation system, the application of glass wool is somewhat different. Generally, it is mainly used in air-conditioning thermal insulation systems, anti-ventilation ducts, decorative wall sound insulation, pipeline thermal insulation in chemical industry, electric power and other industries in buildings.

  The glass wool product itself is not used for external wall protection or other functions. It needs to be implemented in strict accordance with the construction standards during construction. Therefore, in addition to standard construction and water vapor isolation treatment, it is also necessary to choose good glass wool products as much as possible. Uetersen will perform hydrophobic treatment on glass wool, which greatly reduces the performance and service life of glass wool due to the infiltration of water vapor.