Does an office building need a smoke control system?
2022-09-13       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  The main function of setting up a smoke prevention and exhaust system is that once a smoke fire occurs in a building, the smoke prevention and exhaust system can be quickly activated to effectively control the smoke in the designated smoke prevention area and prevent it from expanding and spreading to other areas. Prevent evacuees and disaster relief personnel from being trapped by smoke, reduce large-scale damage to buildings and the difficulty of rescue and disaster relief.

  In the national fire protection code for architectural design, it is required that smoke prevention and exhaust systems must be installed in high-rise buildings, such as gymnasiums, exhibition halls, waiting (cars, ships) buildings (halls) and other large-space buildings. The construction area of public buildings is more than 300 square meters and there are many combustibles. The smoke-proof stairwell, independent front room, shared front room, shared front room, and fire elevator front room should adopt a mechanical pressurized air supply system. If it is possible to set openable external windows for natural smoke exhaust, there is no need to set up mechanical smoke exhaust. The total area of openable external windows is not less than 2% of the floor area of the conference hall, that is, 6 square meters, and the external windows should be scattered.


  What are the materials used to set up the smoke control system? The commonly used materials for the air duct of the smoke prevention and exhaust system should be non-combustible materials, which can avoid fire easily caused by high temperature and fire sources. Non-combustible materials include various metal sheets, and materials used for thermal insulation and sound elimination include rock wool, glass wool, etc.

  The smoke prevention and exhaust system of the office building adopts high temperature glass wool. More than 90% of the raw materials are natural inorganic minerals, which have good fireproof and heat insulation performance. According to the quality inspection center in accordance with GB8624-2012, Uetersen's glass wool is A1 non-combustible material. It can be combined with the smoke prevention and exhaust system equipment, and the fire resistance limit reaches 1.5h, which meets the fire resistance limit requirements of the pipeline in the "Technical Specification for Building Smoke Prevention and Exhaust System". The smoke exhaust pipe should not pass through the front room or stairwell. If it is really difficult to pass through, its fire resistance rating should not be lower than 2.0h, and it should not affect the evacuation of personnel.