Sound Barrier: Classic Application of Uetersen Sound-absorbing Glass Wool
2022-09-22       Source:尊龙凯时人生就是搏

  What is a sound barrier? When we drive through expressways, high-speed rails, and high-speed trains in areas where residents gather, we will see some barriers and domes. This is the sound barrier. ——Sound barriers are mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction in traffic municipal facilities such as highways, elevated composite roads, urban light rail subways, etc., to reduce the impact of traffic noise on nearby urban areas, and can also be used in factories and other noise sources.


  When sound encounters a sound barrier, three phenomena of reflection, transmission and diffraction occur. Usually the barrier can prevent the propagation of direct sound and make the transmitted sound attenuated enough, and the influence of the transmitted sound can be ignored. Therefore, the sound insulation effect of the sound barrier can generally be expressed by the amount of noise reduction, which reflects the above two abilities of the sound barrier to shield sound transmission. A sound barrier is inserted between the sound source and the receiving point, and the barrier is infinitely long. The sound wave can only be diffracted from the top of the barrier, and a sound shadow area is formed behind it, just as the light is blocked by the object to form a shadow. In this sound shadow area, people can feel that the noise is significantly reduced, which is the noise reduction effect of the sound barrier.

  Acoustic glass, sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials used in acoustics are usually used in sound barriers. The premise of Haoteng Environmental Protection's selection of materials is that it needs to pay attention to multiple characteristics such as durable use, sound absorption and sound insulation, urban aesthetics, and ease of construction. The sound absorption effect of Uetersen's sound-absorbing products conforms to the national technical standards for sound absorption and noise reduction. It can provide effective sound absorption and noise reduction effect for Haoteng's environmental protection sound barrier, and at the same time, it also takes into account many good properties such as ease of construction and durability.


  And Uetersen glass wool products are one of the more popular sound-absorbing materials in recent years. Compared with traditional barrier materials, the advantages of glass wool provided by Uetersen to Haoteng Environmental Protection are mainly as follows: strong sound absorption performance, light and convenient construction and cutting materials, recyclable materials, environmental protection and energy saving. In addition to being used as a thermal insulation and fireproof material, glass wool is also a commonly used sound-absorbing material in various places. Mainly through the pores formed by the interlacing of thin glass wool fibers, the reflection of sound waves is weakened and the sound energy is consumed.

  The sound-absorbing glass wool provided by Uetersen for Haoteng Environmental Protection belongs to the special glass wool for acoustics. In addition to being used on sound barriers, glass wool is also commonly used for sound absorption and noise reduction in ktv, gymnasiums, hospitals, opera houses and other places. In the production process of glass wool, natural ore is used as the raw material, and the acoustic glass wool material is formed by centrifugal technology, and then processed by the acoustic use scene, and gradually forms the required acoustic products. Usually used in different scenarios, the production of glass wool acoustic materials are also different, such as glass wool product soft package, glass wool sound-absorbing board, wall sound-absorbing cotton felt, equipment sound-absorbing glass wool loose cotton, etc.


  Haoteng Environmental Protection is a brand specializing in the production of sound barriers. It has chosen Uetersen acoustic glass wool as the sound-absorbing core material, which is also a recognition of Uetersen products from many aspects. Uetersen products cover many application fields, such as multi-industry equipment, air duct insulation and energy saving, fire prevention and heat insulation, etc. Products from solutions to service systems have been supported by many customers. At the same time, it is exported to domestic and overseas markets, and multi-industry integrated supply to achieve seamless product connection and win-win cooperation.